Ceramic Braces vs. Metal Braces: What’s Better?

When one pits ceramic braces vs. metal braces, which one comes out on top? Well, that is what this article will try and answer. Since both products have their own set of pros and cons, we need to compare each of with one another. We shall weigh the number of advantages you get with one [...]

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Average Age For Wisdom Teeth: Reminders

The age for wisdom teeth can range from 17 – 25. It usually erupts at a time of maturity from the patient. Though the tooth brings forth the third set of molars, there are a few things that a patient must be mindful of. The eruption of a wisdom tooth may not always be good [...]

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5 Dental Health Tips for Adults

Dental health tips for adults may not differ too much from teenagers but there are a few things adults should keep in mind. With age comes the inevitable effect of decay, weakened teeth, and more. Though, as an adult, proper oral hygiene should still be kept but there are a few things one should consider. [...]

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3 Dental Health Tips for Kids

The best dental health tips for kids are those that promote healthier teeth and the prevention of future complications. As a parent taking care of your child, you must be aware of when and how to take care of your child’s teeth. This is important because there are certain ages that a child must be [...]

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Price of Teeth Cleaning in the Philippines: Worth It?

The price of teeth cleaning in the Philippines is a price worth paying for. This is due to the fact that there some places even a toothbrush can’t get to. Sure, you can say to yourself that you don’t need one. You can say that all you need is the proper steps to good oral [...]

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Price of Ceramic Braces in the Philippines: About The Service

The price of ceramic braces in the Philippines is costly especially if you start comparing it other variations of its kind. What does it even have over traditional braces? Well, one can place ceramic braces at a level above traditional braces. This article will talk about the price of ceramic braces in the Philippines and [...]

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Price of Braces in the Philippines: Things to Know

The price of braces in the Philippines is pricey once you start to peruse through its variations and other aspects of it. However, there are a few things one should be mindful when you’re trying to pay for the service. These reminders will help you understand why the service is worth the money it’s asking [...]

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Pediatric Dentist in Manila: What You Should Know

A pediatric dentist in Manila may not be a priority for most people. That’s because a pediatric dentist is best sought after when a patient has a family. Sure, a dental plan may not be on everyone’s mind especially someone with a newfound family. However, there is something one should know [...]

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Dental Veneers in the Philippines: About The Service

Dental veneers in the Philippines currently stand as one of the more popular choices in tooth repair services. They’re not as popular as dental crowns, however, and it still deserves a wide range of recognition. So, what can the service offer to any dental patient out there? Well, this article will go over the functionalities [...]

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Cost of Tooth Fillings in the Philippines: What You Should Know

The cost of tooth fillings in the Philippines can be rather affordable when compared to its alternatives. However, is it worth paying for? Is it worth the asking price when it’s alternatives offer more in terms of benefits? Well, this article will try and answer that question. The article will also try and understand why [...]

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