What Is The Cost of Emax Veneers in the Philippines?

The cost of emax veneers in the Philippines is significantly higher than regular porcelain veneers in the country. However, with a higher price tag does come with a few more benefits or advantages of the product and the service. This article will go over all the benefits and disadvantages of emax veneers and whether or [...]

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What Is The Price of a Tooth Implant in the Philippines?

The price of a tooth implant in the Philippines not only sounds expensive, but it’s actually one of the more costly services today. Why? How could such a service warrant such a high price for one to even get it? What does it have that a lot of people today yearn for the product? This [...]

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What Is The Cost of a Fixed Bridge in the Philippines?

The cost of a fixed bridge in the Philippines is quite affordable when you compare it to other services that have the same function and purpose. So, what does a fixed bridge have over other services in the same category? This article will try and answer that question. It won’t only explore the cost of [...]

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Cost of Partial Dentures in the Philippines: Worth It?

The cost of partial dentures in the Philippines is not as much as a full set of dentures, obviously. However, there are things that you should still know about it considering that they’re still dentures. These things are mostly advantages and disadvantages one can get from the product. Patients today can be picky and certain [...]

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Dental Dentures: Why They’re Still Worth It

Some see dental dentures as the worst answer or product to solve missing teeth. Patients look at the alternatives available and conclude that dentures have nothing to offer. However, dental dentures today have still a lot to offer its user. From the choices available to the price itself, this article will talk about the qualities [...]

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Flexible Dentures: What Do They Offer?

Flexible dentures are said to be the next best thing if a patient doesn’t want to try out regular dentures. Why? Because the product rids itself of the problems that come when owning or using regular dentures. That’s why this article will try and compare both products and see what flexible dentures have to offer [...]

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General Dentistry: What Does It Have To Offer?

If you frequent a lot of dental clinics or have been under the care of one, then you’ve already heard of general dentistry. Some patients tend to ask questions about this field of dentistry because they’re confused as to what it actually offers. With the numerous fields that a dentist can specialize, the confusion is [...]

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Permanent Dentures in the Philippines: What Is It?

Permanent dentures in the Philippines mixes both the concepts of dental implants and dentures together. What results is a product that looks exactly like what you just thought of. This is why permanent dentures in the Philippines have seen a spike in popularity due to it what it offers; a complete set of teeth that’s [...]

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Price of Braces in Manila: The Answer

The price of braces in Manila is a constant change for most since there is no concrete or solid answer to that question. Orthodontic braces, as a lot of people are aware of, correct the positioning of misaligned teeth. However, the problem comes with the amount or degree of correction that is needed. Location is [...]

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The Cost of a Fixed Bridge in Manila: Worth It?

The cost of a fixed bridge in Manila hovers around the same price range as that of flexible dentures and regular dentures. The product is certainly popular for its simple answer to missing teeth. However, is the cost of a fixed bridge in Manila even worth your money? What qualities does it have that makes [...]

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