How Do You Treat Tooth Decay?

//How Do You Treat Tooth Decay?

How Do You Treat Tooth Decay?

How do you treat tooth decay? Tooth decay plagues everyone around the globe and it has caused millions to lose their tooth either through extraction or gum disease. If you don’t want to share the same faith, then it’s best that you know how to treat the said problem. Of course, tooth decay is quite hard to treat once it grows worse but this article talks about a few ways you can treat it in its earlier stage.

How Do You Treat Tooth Decay?

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So, how do you treat tooth decay? Well, in order for you to do so you must first determine if the decay is in its early stage. Early stages of tooth decay look like small white scratches made on your teeth. This is the perfect opportunity for you to repair the damage made.

Here are some of the methods of treating it:

  • Increase Your Vitamin D Intake – your teeth are made out of calcium and it needs the right amount of calcium to heal itself. However, calcium is alone won’t help unless you have the proper levels of vitamin D to help your body absorb the said mineral. Luckily for you, vitamin D and calcium can come in the same package such as yogurts and other dairy products.
  • Use Fluoride Toothpaste – you’ve probably heard of how fluoride is an essential part of healing your teeth. Flouride helps your teeth restore itself and treat cavities. Try using fluoride-rich toothpaste brands to treat tooth decay and the formation of cavities.
  • Clove and Sesame Oilclove and sesame oil have been known to exact wonder for natural tooth restoration. Try mixing three drops of clove oil, half a teaspoon of honey, and three drops of sesame oil. Gently apply the mixture on a cotton ball and press it on the affected area.


Make sure that you consult your dentist on this matter because going to the dentist is still the best method of treating the said problem. If tooth decay has damaged your teeth severely, then know that your dentist will have the right tools to fix it. Visit your local dental clinic and have your teeth checked.

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