How Do You Keep Your Teeth White?

//How Do You Keep Your Teeth White?

How Do You Keep Your Teeth White?

How do you keep your teeth white? Well, there are a lot of methods you can try to whiten your teeth. However, keeping it that way is whole other process. It might be easier to do so if you know the right steps to take. Also, it’s worth mentioning that most of the methods listed in this article are very easy to do. This article will list down the three most notable ways of keeping your teeth white.

How Do You Keep Your Teeth White? What To Do

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So, how do you keep your teeth white? Well, you might be surprised that some of the methods below will say the obvious while others will require you to stop practicing certain habits. Regardless, all of these methods can be done at home.

  • Reduce Wine & Coffee – although there are other liquids known to stain teeth, wine and coffee are probably the biggest culprits. These two types of liquids stain the teeth the most which are why it’s recommended that you reduce the amount you’re taking. However, not everyone can just give up their daily intake of coffee so, to combat this, start brushing at least twice a day.
  • Keeping A Good Oral Hygieneas mentioned at the beginning, wine and coffee aren’t the only ones that stain teeth. There are a lot of food items today that darken and yellow your teeth. The most effective way of keeping these negative affects away from you is through a good oral hygiene. Start brushing your teeth at least twice a day, floss at least once, and make sure to supplement it with the use of a mouthwash.
  • Stop Smokingcigarettes aren’t only bad for your health, but they’re bad for your teeth as well. Not only do they cause your teeth to yellow and your gums to go black, but they too can ruin your breath and cause gum disease.


You can also learn a thing or two from your dentist. That’s right, your dentist can educate you on your teeth and teach you a few methods on what to do and what not to do.

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