The Complete Guide to the Cost of Braces

The Cost of Braces in the Philippines: A Complete Price Breakdown Dental braces can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth. Not only do they boost one’s confidence, but they also help improve your dental health. For those who are interested in getting this dental treatment, one of the main questions you may have is [...]

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What are Dental Veneers? All Your Questions Answered

Have you smiled at yourself in the mirror and thought that your teeth look unappealing—whether it’s not as white as you’d like to or not straight enough? Fret not as you’re not alone! In fact, 81% of people state that they believe their teeth look unattractive, according to a study. Fortunately, there’s something you can [...]

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The Most Common Types of Dental Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Your teeth have several functions including many activities you may easily take for granted such as eating, speaking and even smiling. With the role of your teeth in everyday life, serious dental problems may arise especially when they are not properly taken care of. Fortunately, most of them can be easily prevented by brushing your [...]

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COVID-19: 6 Protective Measures Dental Clinics Follow to Control the Viral Infection

With President Rodrigo Duterte placing the entire Luzon island under Philippine Dental Association recommends that dental practitioners and clinics suspend all face-to-face dental care except for emergency and life-threatening procedures. If you’re a patient requiring emergency dental care, you may expect changes to standard practices as most dental clinics are implementing [...]

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4 Reasons To Visit Your Pediatric Dentist

There are a lot of reasons to visit your pediatric dentist especially if you’re an aspiring parent. Taking care of your child’s tooth can be the difference between thousands spent in the future and just a simple trip to the dentist. With that said, it is quite important for you to [...]

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5 Dental Hygiene Tips For Healthier Teeth

These dental hygiene tips will help you understand what to do and what not do if you want healthier teeth. Everyone wants healthier teeth but not everyone is diligent enough to work for it. This leads to a lot of people today neglecting their oral health and thus experiencing problems like decay and gum disease. [...]

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5 Cosmetic Dentistry Services You Should Try

Cosmetic dentistry services tend to revolve around improving your smile in more ways than one. This means that it can improve, replace, or fix your smile or all three. What’s important to note is that cosmetic dentistry has a lot of procedures under it to do all those things. With that said, this article will [...]

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How To Treat Gum Disease At Home

To treat gum disease at home you must first be aware of the causes of the problem. Thankfully, it’s not too far from tooth decay itself because it shares a few similarities with the illness. However, gum disease is probably a more dangerous problem because not everyone is prepared for it. Patients are ready for [...]

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