How Do You Fix Damaged Teeth?

//How Do You Fix Damaged Teeth?

How Do You Fix Damaged Teeth?

How do you fix damaged teeth? Our teeth are one of the strongest materials in our body but it is still vulnerable to degradation. A type of degradation that comes in the form of decay. Knowing how to treat or fix damaged teeth can be very helpful because it gives the patient a chance to keep their tooth. With that said, this article will talk about dental services made to fix damaged teeth.

How Do You Fix Damaged Teeth? The Services

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So, how do you fix damaged teeth? The easiest answer would be to go to your dental clinic and have the dentist do it. Your dentist can treat a myriad of problems involving the damage that your teeth have sustained. Here are the notable tooth restoration services that you should know about:

  • Dental Fillingswhen tooth decay is left untreated, they will cause serious permanent damage. The most well-known consequence they can cause is cavities. Cavities only make chewing food harder and it makes cleaning your teeth troublesome. This the very problem that dental fillings are out to fix. It fills in the holes left by cavities with the use of varying types of materials.
  • Composite Restorationif you are dealing with chipped teeth or a cracked tooth, then a composite restoration should be your first choice. The service uses a composite material to fill in the damage. The material lasts almost a decade and it aesthetically pleasing depending on the work put in.
  • Dental Crownsa dental crown is no doubt the best tooth restoration service currently available. It’s the perfect procedure to choose when dealing with severely damaged teeth. The service itself uses a false tooth to replace the original albeit without having to remove it in the first place. It’s a versatile dental product that comes in a variety of materials such as porcelain and gold.


Of course, there are a lot more services that treat damaged teeth. However, the ones listed in this article are the most notable procedures that you should know about. Finally, it’s worth talking to your dentist about it because it gives you the info needed to make the right decision.

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