Can You Treat Tooth Decay?

//Can You Treat Tooth Decay?

Can You Treat Tooth Decay?

Can you treat tooth decay? Yes, you can tooth decay if you take the right steps. Tooth decay happens when acids created by bacteria eats away at our teeth. If tooth decay is left to rot, then it’s going to leave permanent damage on your teeth. A kind of damage that’s only repaired by your damaged. This article will answer the question – can you treat tooth decay – by listing down a few methods you can try at home.

Ways to Treat Tooth Decay

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So, can you treat tooth decay? There are a lot of ways you can address tooth decay at home. Most of these methods are done by practicing discipline and following a routine. Here are some of the most well-known methods you can track to treat tooth decay:

  • Limit Your Sugar Intake – sugar is the one the biggest reasons why we experience tooth decay. If you eat a slice of cake or a single candy bar every day, then it’s advised that you at least cut your portions down. In a general sense, your sugar intake should be far less than what you’d usually consume in a day.
  • Stock Up on Your Calcium Intake – increasing your dairy intake can significantly increase the chance of combating tooth decay. Dairy is packed to the brim with calcium and minerals that our teeth need in order to sustain itself.
  • Oil Pullingoil pulling is a method that’s been practiced for centuries. It’s a technique that uses the detoxifying effects of oil to fight tooth decay, gingivitis and more. The technique is quite simple, swish liquified oil in your mouth for twenty minutes in the morning. Afterward, spit it out and rinse with salt water.

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Can Tooth Decay Be Reversed?

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If the decay has just started to set in, then it can be reversed. However, once it’s left cavities, then the only way to repair it is through dental fillings.

Here are a few ways you can try to prevent tooth decay:

  • Brush Daily – brushing your teeth for at least twice a day will significantly help the effort against tooth decay and cavities. It’s advised to brush your teeth in the morning and at night.
  • Floss – bits of food stuck between our teeth can cause a lot of damage if left untouched. Brushing your teeth isn’t enough that’s why you need to floss. Flossing for at least once a day effectively rids your teeth of any chance it’ll develop tooth decay overnight.
  • A Healthier Dietwhy clean up after your mess if you make too little of a mess in the first place? If you want to avoid tooth decay then it’s best that you take on a healthier diet; try eating fruits like apples and vegetables like broccoli. It’s these kinds of foods that help your fight against cavities.


One of the best ways that you can avoid tooth decay is by visiting your dentist. Your dentist knows a lot when it comes to the ins and outs of your teeth. Only he/she can tell you the best course of action you can take against tooth decay.

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