Why Does My Wisdom Tooth Hurt?

//Why Does My Wisdom Tooth Hurt?

Why Does My Wisdom Tooth Hurt?

Why does my wisdom tooth hurt? Though there is an excellent reason for why that is, there are some cases in which a wisdom tooth hurts due to injury or even an infected pulp. With that said, your wisdom tooth usually hurts because of one good reason, and this article will answer that. This article will answer the question – why does my wisdom tooth hurt – and more about the problem itself.

Why Does My Wisdom Tooth Hurt?

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To answer the question – why does my wisdom tooth hurt, you must first look at the problem itself. If your wisdom tooth is fully grown, then the pain is caused by a few different reasons. However, the biggest reason why your wisdom tooth would hurt is that it’s impacted. Impacted wisdom is the number one reason why everyone complains about the said tooth. It happens to a large percentage of people around the globe and removing it is inevitable.

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Does A Wisdom Tooth Need To Be Removed?

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If it’s impacted, then yes, a wisdom tooth should be removed. Why? An impacted wisdom tooth is more trouble being kept than it is when removed. Here are the reasons why an impacted wisdom tooth should be removed:

  • Pain – an impacted wisdom tooth not only causes pain in itself, but it too causes pain on your 2nd molar. It is not worth keeping it around because, eventually, the pain will grow worse.
  • Swelling – the gums around the impacted tooth will start to become tender and swollen. This will make to chew food and bits of them might get stuck in between the swollen gums and teeth.
  • Long-Term Damagewhen left alone, an impacted wisdom tooth will cause long-term damage to your 2nd molar. At first, it’ll make it more sensitive to pressure and then eventually it’ll ruin its positioning. If you let it come this far, then you’ll be spending much more time and effort repairing the damage it has caused.
  • Bad Breathnot matter how well you brush your teeth or how good your mouthwash is, an impacted wisdom tooth will always cause bad breath. You’ll know when it hits because it has a distinct smell and taste in your mouth.

How Much Does It Cost to Have A Wisdom Tooth Removed?

The price of a wisdom tooth extraction starts at around Php 5,000, but that’ll depend on the dentist that you’re going to. If you’re wondering why it costs so much compared to a standard tooth extraction, then it’s because a wisdom tooth is much harder to remove. The usual tooth extraction involves removing a tooth that’s fully erupted. However, removing a wisdom tooth consists in opening the gums and breaking the tooth down for removal.


Make sure to consult with your dentist before doing anything else. Learning more about the service you’re paying for will give you all the insight needed for future decisions. It’ll help you prepare for it better if you do need to pay for it again.  

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