5 Remedies To Whiten Teeth At Home

//5 Remedies To Whiten Teeth At Home

5 Remedies To Whiten Teeth At Home

To whiten teeth at home you first know of the home remedies of achieving such a goal. Luckily, there are plenty of home remedies currently present. From the simple act of using sliced strawberries all the way to combining hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. With that said, this article will talk about said remedies for you to try out. All these remedies are doable at home with some of the most common kitchen items.

5 Remedies to Whiten Teeth At Home

whiten teeth at home

  • Strawberries – this remedy is quite simple as it only involves the use of strawberries. Take a strawberry and slice it in half. Take the exposed sections of the strawberry and gently rub it against your teeth. Do this a couple more times throughout the day for at least two weeks. This remedy helps remove stains in your teeth which helps show the real color of your teeth.
  • Oil Pulling this method uses coconut oil or sesame oil to help get rid of teeth staining bacteria. Take a table of spoon of either of these oils and swish it around your teeth. Move it around like you would a mouthwash. Do this for 20 minutes and spit it out afterward. Rinse with lukewarm water after. You can do this every morning before you brush your teeth.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda – mix two tablespoons of baking soda with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Mix it together to create a whitening paste. Carefully use the paste to brush your teeth with. Make sure to rinse with lukewarm water after.
  • Orange Peels take the peel of an orange and wash it with water. Use the inner section of the peel and gently rub it against your teeth. This should as a natural scrub that helps remove bacteria that would stain and yellow your teeth.
  • Apple Cider – mix a tablespoon of apple cider into a glass of lukewarm water. Use this as a mouthwash and swish it around for at least one minute. Try not to do this method every day as apple cider can be quite acidic and it can damage your teeth.


Consult your dentist on this matter and determine whether or not whitening your teeth at home is worth the trouble.

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