Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal: Reminders

//Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal: Reminders

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal: Reminders

The process of an impacted wisdom tooth removal begins with awareness. Of course, this procedure is only viable if a wisdom tooth hasn’t erupted yet; though there are a few a cases of wisdom teeth remaining dormant yet impacted. Regardless, an impacted wisdom tooth has a few signs or symptoms for you to look out for. This article will go over the procedure of an impacted wisdom tooth removal as well as a few more things you should be reminded of.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal

For an impacted wisdom tooth removal to begin, one must first know what an impacted wisdom tooth is in the first place. To make it short, an impacted tooth happens when a tooth grows in an abnormal order and ends up hitting another tooth. As for the tooth that’s responsible for it, wisdom teeth are the usual suspects when it comes to cases like these. Of course, not everyone will experience this; most wisdom teeth grow in a pretty normal position. However, cases such as an impacted wisdom tooth are still too common nowadays. Too common, in fact, that 85% of all adults will experience this problem. Thus the need for a tooth extraction is quite abundant.

When To Know

There are a few signs that a tooth wisdom tooth is indeed impacted.

  • Jaw pain should be one of the more noticeable symptoms of an impacted tooth. The pain can be felt whenever the mouth is opened. Furthermore, an impacted tooth will make it hard for a patient to open their mouth.image for impacted wisdom tooth removal
  • Swollen areas around the impacted teeth. The swollen area is mostly felt around the jaw. Expect to feel discomfort and pain whenever the swollen area comes in physical contact.
  • Aside from pain, bleeding from the gums will also be experienced. The gums around the area will also be tender to the touch.

Those are just three of a number of symptoms brought by an impacted wisdom tooth. Remember, the symptoms felt will be gradual. It’s not an overnight process as it can happen over the course of a few days or maybe even a couple of weeks.


Visiting Your Dentist

Once the symptoms are felt, one should visit their dentist as soon as possible. The longer that tooth is left, the more damage it can bring to the rest of your teeth. Now, the process of extracting a wisdom tooth is rather similar to a standard tooth extraction service. The only difference is that it brings no adverse effects later on. Click here to learn more about it.

It’s also worth mentioning that one may want to pay for a general aesthetic as infected wisdom teeth will hurt.


In closing, an impacted tooth, like any other dental issue, must always be brought to your dentist for checking. Only your dentist will know what to do with such problem. Don’t rely on local knowledge alone, one must trust on the skills and experience of a dentist in order to rid himself of the problem. Click here to learn why a dental visit is important.  

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