Average Age For Wisdom Teeth: Reminders

//Average Age For Wisdom Teeth: Reminders

Average Age For Wisdom Teeth: Reminders

The age for wisdom teeth can range from 17 – 25. It usually erupts at a time of maturity from the patient. Though the tooth brings forth the third set of molars, there are a few things that a patient must be mindful of. The eruption of a wisdom tooth may not always be good news, however. Various studies on the case have concluded that 85% of adults around have their wisdom tooth removed. Why? Well, this article will remind you why as it’ll talk about the average age of wisdom teeth and more.

Age for Wisdom Teeth

Why is it called a wisdom tooth in the first place? Well, as mentioned above, it sprouts at a time of maturity. At a time where a person becomes “wise”. A few scientific studies to prove that claim although it has shown that the average age of wisdom teeth would be around 17 – 25.

The tooth itself is located at the very back of our teeth hence it’s called a third molar. If you’re wondering why one needs a wisdom teeth, then think of it as a kind of reinforcement. Our teeth, though already strong on its own, still needs the firepower to get through the food we eat every day. A third molar is the right kind of reinforcement our body gives us. However, most of the time, this reinforcement may cause us more harm than good.

Impacted Teeth

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As mentioned, a wisdom tooth is a late sprouting tooth. This means that it has to take on an odd place for it to fit. This, however, is not the case. Most wisdom teeth will end up erupting at a conflicting position. What this means is that the wisdom tooth may get impacted with another tooth. If this happens, pain, swelling, and bleeding will be experienced.

Those are but a few of the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth. If you are around the age of a wisdom tooth eruption then it’s probably safe to have it checked. Visit your nearest dental clinic and see whether or not you’re facing an impacted tooth. If you are, then you’re subjected for a wisdom tooth extraction.

A wisdom tooth extraction is pretty similar to that of a regular tooth extraction service. Depending on the dental clinic you’re in, you may want to get a general anesthetic for the procedure.

When To See The Dentist

To prevent from getting a late dental extraction, a dental x-ray should give you your answer. Though an extraction tends to happen when the tooth has erupted, it may help to know if you’re indeed facing an impacted wisdom tooth. Try and visit your dentist when signs of an eruption start showing up.

In closing

A wisdom tooth, like many of our teeth, is subject to change and extractions. It only takes the right information to know if we need it or not. To do so, make sure to you’re regularly visiting your dentist. Getting checked at least once a month will give you the advantage of information and vigilance.

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