5 Cosmetic Dentistry Services You Should Try

//5 Cosmetic Dentistry Services You Should Try

5 Cosmetic Dentistry Services You Should Try

Cosmetic dentistry services tend to revolve around improving your smile in more ways than one. This means that it can improve, replace, or fix your smile or all three. What’s important to note is that cosmetic dentistry has a lot of procedures under it to do all those things. With that said, this article will go over 5 services under cosmetic dentistry that you should know about.

5 Cosmetic Dentistry Services You Should Try

Cosmetic dentistry services

  • Dental Crownsfor any restoration purposes, a dental crown is probably the best answer one has for any form of damage. This is because a dental crown replaces the original tooth without the need for extraction or removal. The service also comes with a number of variations from porcelain, Emax, zirconia, and even gold.
  • Dental Veneersit is safe to assume that dental veneer is quite similar to a dental crown because it was made for restorative purposes. However, a dental veneer is a bit more conservative because it takes up less space than a crown. Also, it’s cosmetic upgrades has garnered enough attention from celebrities to merit its popularity.
  • Teeth Whiteningthis is most probably the poster boy for cosmetic dentistry as it is a purely cosmetic service. Dental whitenings come in two forms: standard bleaching or Zoom whitening. The former is cheaper but it takes longer to finish while the latter is expensive but it gives you whiter teeth in under two hours.
  • Dental Bridgecosmetic dentistry also deals in replacing missing teeth. A dental bridge, in particular, is a popular service thanks to its comfort and effectiveness. It’s considered as a solid upgrade from dentures.  
  • Dental Implantthere are some cosmetic dentistry clinics today that offer dental implants. This is probably the best form of tooth replacement one can get because it tends to be permanent and long-lasting. The only downside is that it’s one of the most expensive services today.


Make sure to consult your dentist on the different cosmetic dentistry services that are available today. Doing so will give you the insight and information needed to make the right decision on what to pick. This will save you time and money in the future.

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