Are Dental Implants Worth It It?

//Are Dental Implants Worth It It?

Are Dental Implants Worth It It?

Are dental implants worth it? Today, dental implants are one of the best answers for missing teeth. It has all the benefits of its alternatives plus a few more that no other service of the same purpose has. With that said, this article will go over the pros and cons of dental implants to see whether or not it’s worth the money.

Are Dental Implants Worth It?

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Let’s take a look at the advantages of a dental implant:


  • Permanence – a dental implant lasts a lifetime. It’s placement, the materials that it’s composed of, and it’s very structure all accumulates to an implant made to last a very long time. Suffice to say, when you get a dental implant, you won’t have to worry about getting one for the next decades to come.
  • Comfortonce a dental implant is secured, the patient won’t feel anything of it. It won’t irritate the gums nor will it cause any unforeseen side effects that might cause pain and discomfort. It will actually feel like you’re given a brand new tooth.
  • Stops Bone Lossthis is a problem that occurs after a tooth is removed. The bone around the missing tooth starts to recede and shrink. No other service except a dental implant is capable of stopping the problem from occurring.



The Disadvantages of Dental Implants


  • It’s Price – a dental implant starts at Php 60,000 which is three times the price for one dental bridge. It’s expensive and not every patient can afford it.
  • Preparationunlike its alternatives, a dental implant requires a lot of preparation and examination because it’s a surgery. If you don’t feel like undergoing surgery to replace a missing tooth, then don’t choose this service.
  • Enough Boneif a patient doesn’t have enough bone to house the implant, then they’re not able to get the service unless they undergo a bone grafting service.




So, are dental implants worth it? To keep it simple, if you have the means to easily get a dental implant then go for it. It offers the best and most effective answer towards missing tooth. However, if you don’t like surgeries nor have the means to get your hands on it, then try its alternatives.

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