3 Reasons To Get A Dental Veneer

//3 Reasons To Get A Dental Veneer

3 Reasons To Get A Dental Veneer

Should you get a dental veneer? Dental veneers have been a popular choice for a lot of patients because they help improve the cosmetic and functional side of a tooth. Also, a lot of celebrities have made the service more popular than it already it is. With that said, is a dental veneer even worth the money? Should you go for it? This article will talk about the three reasons why it is.

3 Reasons To Get A Dental Veneer

  1. It’s Restorative Effects – a dental veneer is the best choice for fixing chipped or cracked teeth. It does this by replacing the out surface of the tooth itself. Dental veneers are capable of acting as a mask and a shield for the original tooth. This means that aside from its restoration purposes, it’s also capable of protecting the tooth that it’s on.

  2. It’s Cosmetic Improvements – this is one of, if not, the most popular feature that a dental veneer has to offer. A single dental veneer can improve upon the color of a tooth. It’s also capable of improving its shape. Having more than one dental veneer means that you’re getting a significant cosmetic boost for your teeth.

  3. Fixes Mild Orthodontics Issues – dental veneers are capable of treating very mild cases of crooked teeth. Of course, this just limited to the front side of your teeth. Don’t think that dental veneers are enough replaced braces because they’re not. However, it is worth knowing that the service can still fix problems like spacing.

How Much Is A Dental Veneer?

Dental veneers in the Philippines usually cost Php 12,000. The given price is just for one veneer so getting more will understandably double it.

Also, when you compare it to another service like dental crowns, the latter only costs Php 9,000. However, a dental crown doesn’t have as many cosmetic features that a veneer has to offer.



So, you should get a dental veneer? If you’re looking for a quick cosmetic boost with your restoration service, then the service it worth the money. However, it’s still worth talking to your dentist about it to learn more about the service.

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