The Cost of Veneers in Manila?

//The Cost of Veneers in Manila?

The Cost of Veneers in Manila?

The cost of veneers in Manila is quite pricey especially if you compare it with its well-known alternative – dental crowns. However, there is a reason why a dental veneer is expensive. It’s a service that delivers more than restoration. So much so that it has been put under cosmetic dentistry for a number of reasons. This article will talk about the dental veneers and what they have to offer. It’ll go over the qualities that make it different from standard dental crowns.

What Is The Cost of Veneers in Manila?

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The average cost of veneers in Manila starts at Php 12,000. It’s just a bit expensive than a porcelain crown which starts at Php 9,000.

As for where you can get it, most dental clinics that offer the service in Manila will have a veneer for you. Some of these clinics might even offer an Emax veneer which is better in almost every way but it does cost Php 15,000 – Php 16,000.

What Are The Benefits of a Dental Veneer?

  • Conservative – the biggest advantage that a dental veneer has over a dental crown is its conservative nature. A dental crown will require the dentist to shave off a significant amount of your tooth to make space. However, a dental veneer only requires very little space to be placed in.
  • Cosmetic Upgrades – the main reason why a dental veneer is part of cosmetic dentistry is due to its aesthetic features. Dental veneers are known to improve the color of the original tooth as well as its shape and alignment.

Dental Veneers or Crowns?

If you’re in need of the best restoration of a severely damaged tooth, then a dental crown is the best choice. However, a dental veneer is the right option if one of your front teeth is cracked or chipped. Suffice to say, it’ll come out better than it originally was.


If you can’t decide which one of the two services you should go with, then it’s best that you talk to your dentist. Your dentist can give you the information and insight needed to make the right decision. Do this and you’ll save enough time, effort, and money in the future.

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