Is An Emax Crown Worth It?

//Is An Emax Crown Worth It?

Is An Emax Crown Worth It?

Is an Emax crown worth it? Well, Emax crowns are currently one of the best types of dental crowns that you can get. Of course, there are other types of crowns that are close such as porcelain and zirconia but Emax remains on top for a number of reasons. This article will talk about those reasons why Emax is worth it and some of the cons of the material.

Why Choose an Emax Crown

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The Pros

  • An Emax crown is tough, it’s tougher than porcelain and Zirconia. This is thanks to how the material is made. Emax is a special type of ceramic that’s been heated to reach a higher degree of durability.
  • Emax crowns look natural. They don’t look good, they look natural which a lot better. You’ll find that Emax crowns have a more natural sheen to them when compared to porcelain crowns.
  • Thanks to its durability, you can expect an Emax crown to last longer than porcelain or zirconia. This will save you a lot of money in the long run because you won’t have to worry about getting another during that time.

The Cons

  • The average price of an Emax crown in the Philippines starts at Php 13,000. That’s a bit higher than porcelain which starts at Php 9,000.
  • Emax may be a lot harder to come by than porcelain. Porcelain has been the standard choice for most clinics and patients for their crown. This means that getting one might take a while longer than a regular porcelain crown.

What To Pick?

It’s advised that you start out with a porcelain crown first before switching to an Emax crown. Emax crowns are a great choice when you’ve been wearing porcelain for a long time.

It’s not advised that you pick an Emax crown for a quick replacement. Quick replacements should be made with zirconia due to their abundance and ease in shaping.


Make sure to consult your dentist on this matter because it’ll help you decide a lot better. Your dentist can help shed light on a few more dental crowns that you might be interested in.

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