The Cost of Porcelain Bridges in the Philippines

//The Cost of Porcelain Bridges in the Philippines

The Cost of Porcelain Bridges in the Philippines

The cost of porcelain bridges is relatively affordable especially if you compare to its alternatives. However, is it worth the money to pay for it just because it’s lenient in its pricing? Sure, you can argue that porcelain bridges do offer a number of benefits despite its affordable price. That is the question this article will try to answer. This article will talk about the cost of porcelain bridges and whether or not they’re worth the money.

The Cost of Porcelain Bridges

To put it out there, the cost of porcelain bridges in the Philippines usually starts around Php 25,000. Do remember that the price given is an average estimate, a ballpark figure. Most dental clinics today have varying price tags for the same service. However, it’s still worth keeping in mind that dental clinics will stay close to the price given.

Of course, we are talking about porcelain bridges. When one wants to upgrade into a ceramic one then expect the price to go higher. It usually starts around Php 30,000. Ceramic or emax bridges offer a lot more durability than porcelain so the price hike is to be expected.

Also, most dental clinics that offer services with high prices don’t usually ask for a full priced payment. Some will settle for a down payment followed in incremental pay. Unless of course you’re carrying that amount of money and can pay full price rigth away.

The Service Itself

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So, why the high price? Why is a porcelain bridge priced this way? Because it’s considered by most as a step above dentures. Dentures can inhibit discomfort, lasts for only 5 years, need special maintenance and more. All of these drawbacks are effectively gone when it comes to a porcelain bridge. You can expect the product to deliver everything that a set of dentures can’t.

A porcelain bridge is conservative in space, comfortable, has a worthwhile longevity, and more. It also stops your teeth from drifting out of place, a problem caused by missing teeth.

As for its availability, most dental clinics in the country to offer the service already. Of course, don’t expect the product to outnumber dentures but chances are you’ll be able to find a clinic in your area that offers fixed bridges.

It’s More Expensive Alternatives

If you’re willing to pay Php 50,000 for a tooth replacement service, then you might as well go for dental implants. Dental implants are probably the best product that replaces teeth. It’s definitely a step above a porcelain bridge. However, it’s requirements in skill and materials gives it the disadvantage of the rarity. Not a lot of dental clinics today offer the service.

In Closing

So, if you are interested in getting any of the services mentioned above, then consult your dentist. Only your dentist can tell you which service is the best one that fits your current needs. In addition, getting checked right now can yield you the benefit of information and preparation. Never underestimate the sheer value you get by visiting your dentist for a simple consultation or examination.

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