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OFW and Balikbayan Promo

“Mga Bagong Bayani” (New Heroes). The new name for Filipinos who decided to live or work abroad seeking greener pasture. OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) as what they are called are being honored by the Philippine government as one of the saving graces protecting our economy form financial instability because of the hard earned dollars they are sending to their families. Also our balikbayans who chose to live abroad taking their families with them also plays a big part in stabilizing our economy. Asian Sun Dental Clinic would like to also honor these Filipinos by giving them the treatment they deserve and having their hard earned money go a long way when it comes to dental health. Promos awaits our heroes and their families so click below and please tell me how can I be of service to you. “Sa mga bagong bayani at mga lokal na residenteng kapamilya wag po mag atubiling makipag ugnayan sa akin at malaman ang espesyal na alok para sa inyo”.

I am an OFW / Balikbayan and Family

Your Safety and Protection are Our Concern

Here at Asian Sun Dental Clinic Manila aseptic procedures and protocols are strictly followed. We only use hospital-standard procedures to ensure patient confidence and security when it comes to contamination concerns. For safety, we only use disposable materials to protect our patients and sterilization of our instruments from mouth mirrors to scalers, dental drills, implant, surgery and handpieces we only use autoclave machine. We only use disposable cups, suction tips, patient bibs, brushes and instruments and are properly packed in individual pouches to maintain sterility and kept on sterilized cabinets for proper isolation. Disinfection of countertops, dental chairs and machines are properly wiped with strong disinfectant solutions that are hospital grade to prevent cross contamination and maintain disinfection. Last but not the least, whether doing simple oral prophylaxis to implant surgery, proper operatory outfit like disposable gloves, head caps, eye protectors and operator gown are worn and strictly followed and imposed on our operators to ensure patient and operator protection.

Are you an OFW who needs to attend to some dental issues?

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