The Benefits of Bone Grafting: Two Things

//The Benefits of Bone Grafting: Two Things

The Benefits of Bone Grafting: Two Things

There are a few notable benefits of bone grafting. It’s service that not a lot of patients have heard of due to the rarity of its use. However, a bone grafting service is actually a pretty useful service in the field of dentistry. It could either give you back the natural structure of your jaw or allow you to have a dental implant. These are the two biggest benefits of bone grafting that this article will talk about.

Benefits of Bone Grafting

First of, before we delve into the benefits of bone grafting, one should know when they need the service. A bone grafting involves the use of a bone graft in an effort to restore damage bone. In this case, a damaged bone found in the jaw.

At times, a bone graft may not even be in use. A dentist may use a composite bone material to make sure that it heals. Regardless, the whole purpose of the service is to make that the patient is able to heal any trauma or damage that their jaw might have received.

The Benefits

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Of course, the biggest benefit that a bone grafting service is a healing process itself. A damage jaw may ruin the structure entirely. This can lead to a different structure of your face. With a bone graft, you can heal the damage and thus return to your previous facial structure. However, the biggest benefit that a lot of people will talk about is the service is associated with, dental implants.

As you know, dental implants require bone for it root to be placed on. If a person doesn’t have enough bone, then an implant can’t be placed. This lack of bone can be due to bone loss caused by missing teeth.

With a bone grafting service, your jaw can be given enough bone for an implant to be placed.  

Of course, this will mean that you’re going to have to pay for the separate service. Add to that, wait a few months before you’re fully healed. But it’s important to know that now you’re liable to get a dental implant.


Like dental implants, a bone grafting service can be quite difficult to find. It is a service that only a select few of dental clinics can offer. As for its price, it can vary. Simply expect the price to go up depending on the level of damage that needs to be repaired.  

Finally, it’s important to visit your dentist to know if you’re in need of a bone graft. Sure, not all dentists can offer the service, but it does help to know. Sometimes, the right preparation is what you need if you wish to plan for the future.


Remember, if you wish to avoid getting a bone graft then make sure to take the right steps to avoid it. As much as you are able, be sure to keep your natural teeth. Don’t extract it at the first sight of damage. Instead, consult your dentist and see what the best course of action should be.

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