How to Find Affordable Dental Implants?

//How to Find Affordable Dental Implants?

How to Find Affordable Dental Implants?

There are only a few dental clinics in Manila that offer affordable dental implants. This is quite understood since the latter is generally expensive and requires special training from the dentists themselves. You can’t expect to find many clinics that offer the dental implants in a low price.

So how can you find a place that would both meet your needs and your budget? 

Affordable Dental Implants

Let’s start with the most expensive service this article will mention, dental implants. Affordable dental implants may as well be an oxymoron since it’s rare to find a clinic that offers them. To avoid further questions, the average price of dental implants in the Philippines can go up to Php 60,000 or more. This is the expensive truth that most patients have to face.

So, why are affordable dental implants so rare? Well, to start off, a dentist must first have certification to perform the service. Where can a dental practitioner even get this certification? Through training from a few specific locations around the world. It’s a feat, not every dentist can do or even achieve.

Next comes the equipment needed to perform the service. Remember, a dental implant service is a surgery. It involves the dentist taking a root implant and placing it inside the jawbone. The right equipment and facilities are needed. With all that said, the term “affordable dental implants” sound a bit too far-fetched.

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Other Expensive Services

Aside, affordable dental implants, there are other services that patients wish to be more affordable. Emax crowns, for example, currently stands as a pricey upgrade for standard dental crowns. Sure, it may not be as expensive as dental implants, but one can still see it as pricey.

Teeth whitening is a service that people tend to associate when they think about a dentist. Laser whitening, in particular, can go up to Php 20,000. It’s a cosmetic dental service that most patients are more than willing to take but can’t due to its high price tag.

Dentures, though they’re seen as a cheaper alternative to dental implants, can still yield a high price. No one wants to pay the price for a full set of dentures, but most patients have to if they wish to avoid facing the consequence of missing teeth.

How to Save Money On Them?

Well, the most obvious choice for affordable dental implants would be is its alternatives. Sure, a full set of dentures are still expensive but at least they don’t reach a price tag of up to 50k. In addition, dental implants have another alternative that’s wholly better than dentures. A fixed bridge is considered to be the middle ground between dentures and dental implants. This does mean that the price is a bit higher but you can expect fewer problems as opposed to dentures.

However, the best solution would be is to find an affordable dental clinic. Asian Sun Dental Clinic has been a champion of affordable dental implants. Furthermore, all the services they offer have been considerably marked down in price. This means that you’re paying for high-quality services without the need to empty your wallet.


In closing, if you wish to find the perfect service both in quality and price, then be sure to visit your dentist. A dental consultation is mostly free and you’ll get the information you’re looking for.

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