Dental Braces in Manila: Fashionable?

//Dental Braces in Manila: Fashionable?

Dental Braces in Manila: Fashionable?

Dental braces in Manila have seen quite a growth in popularity. Yes, they’re functional and are the best solution for fixing teeth placement. However, they are actually a fashion choice for most adolescents. It was only a decade ago wherein people teased patients with braces. Now, they’re seen as an addition to an individual’s current look. So, how does wearing dental braces improve our appearance? And, why are people treating it as a fashion choice? This article will explain that.

A Millenial’s Choice

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Let’s look at the superficial reason why people want dental braces: the look. How does a set of braces improve one’s smile? Well, one could say that braces extenuate the smile. When a patient smiles with braces on, it tends to draw people on the smile. The notion that standard dental braces are unattractive has long been ignored. In addition, they also come with the choice of colored ligatures. This opens a person’s choice of design and fashion.  

Of course, braces aren’t limited to a millennial. Everyone can get it if they wish to improve their smile. The point that this article tries to pass on, is that the newer generation tends to pick dental braces in Manila for superficial reasons.

What It Can Do For You

Let’s try and look past the superficiality of the service and focus on what it can actually do for you. Dental braces can and will straighten your smile. Of course, it will take a very long time before it can do so. You will have to wait up to 12 – 24 months. It’s that long. Furthermore, standard dental braces are uncomfortable. Some will feel pain during the first weeks or so until they eventually get used to it.

There is a way for you to reduce waiting time and any discomfort felt. Damon braces are considered to be a level above the standard set of braces. Their innovated sliding mechanic ensures that little to no pain is felt and their design keeps the look subtle and simple. In addition, Damon braces cut the waiting down by more than 8 months. You can expect the best results when getting Damon braces. However, it does come with a small flaw that will make you think twice when getting them. You see, Damon braces can cost up to Php 100,000! Standard dental braces in Manila are far from that. If you can afford the service, then go for it.


Aside from Damon braces, the clinic also offer a few choices. Lingual braces, for example, are placed at the back of the teeth making for a virtually invisible set of braces. Ceramic braces are also a good example of a more subtle and conservative look. They are expensive but they embrace a more natural and comfortable look as compared to standard braces.

Finally, as always, be sure to visit your dentist if you want to know more about a certain service. Always make it a habit to visit your nearest and most reliable dentist in situations like these.


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