Price of a Fixed Bridge in Manila: What To Know

//Price of a Fixed Bridge in Manila: What To Know

Price of a Fixed Bridge in Manila: What To Know

The price of a fixed bridge in Manila may depend upon the material that makes up the false teeth. Usually, all the components that make up a fixed bridge are made out of porcelain. However, there are certain dental bridges out there that come in the form of ceramic. Regardless, is the price of a fixed bridge in Manila worth it? Well, this article will talk about that very topic and hope to answer it. Also, this article will compare the service to other procedures that deal with missing teeth.

The Price of a Fixed Bridge in Manila

To put it out there, the price of a fixed bridge in Manila can start around Php 28,000. Now, the price given is merely a starting point. There will be a few dental clinics in the metro that’ll ask for more. You may even meet a few dentists who’ll offer the service at a more affordable price. Just remember that the price of the service will change from one dental clinic to another. Don’t expect the same exact price tag to pop up in different clinics in the area.

If you don’t have the budget to pay for a fixed bridge, then you could always full or partial dentures. Dentures may come with a few drawbacks such as discomfort, but this can be remedied by paying a bit more for flexible dentures.

Worth It?

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Well, to answer that, one must first know the full functionality of a fixed bridge. First of all, a fixed bridge was designed to be an effective approach towards missing teeth. The entire gist of the service involves the use of a false tooth held together by smaller dental crowns. These dental crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth that surround the missing tooth. This essentially creates a bridge of which is mainly made out of the false tooth.

Now, I previously mentioned that though the product does come in porcelain it can also be made out of ceramic. Ceramic or emax, is a specially heated material that further increases its durability and improves its aesthetic. If you want to pay for the price of an emax fixed bridge, then know that it may start at around Php 32,000.

However, if you do have the money to pay for something even better. You can always try dental implants. Dental implants are small root implants made out titanium. These root implants are placed in the jawbone and then capped off with dental implants. Currently, the service has no major or even minor drawbacks aside from its expensive price tag. You might also consider that dental implants are pretty hard to come by. There aren’t a lot of dental clinics today that offer the service.


A fixed bridge certainly lies in between dental implants and dentures. It is a service that many know of but not enough to actually give it the credit it deserves. It’s a worthwhile service to pay for as it delivers on every promise that it says. Of course, one should always consult their dentist when talking about a particular service.


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