Price of Removable Braces in the Philippines: Worth It?

//Price of Removable Braces in the Philippines: Worth It?

Price of Removable Braces in the Philippines: Worth It?

The price of removable braces in the Philippines is quite worth it if you think about the different kinds of the product available. Each of these varieties has their own function to fill but some of them might be bogged down by a few disadvantages. Disadvantages that you may not want to experience as a first time user of the product. So, this article will talk about the price of removable braces in the Philippines. In addition, the article will go over on whether or not it’s actually worth it.

The Price of Removable Braces in the Philippines

So, to put it out there, the price of removable braces in the Philippines can start at around the same price range of regular braces. So, expect it to be at around Php 40,000 or more. Now, remember that the price given above is subject to change. Simply take into fact that dental clinics have different pricing regulations. Of course, the difference in these prices won’t be as drastic as you might think it will be. Some may just ask for a bit higher while others will stay around the range.

Removable braces are a general term. Currently, there are two types of removable braces, one that is made out of metal wires and the other being made out of a clear material. As for the price of these clear braces, they tend to stay at a higher price range than traditional metal braces. So expect them to be around Php 60,000 or more.

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Worth It?

Well, it depends on what they offer, really. However, these kinds of braces already share one common quality, removability. Why is this important? Because some prefer to wear their braces at a set amount of time during the day. No one wants to wear these kinds of appliances for 12 months straight.

Removable braces can straighten teeth out in the span of 12 weeks. Clear ones need changing every 14 days as the user needs to wear something that matches the current positioning of their teeth. In addition, the product is made for comfort especially since the patient is required to wear it for 22 hours at a time.

“If they’re so good, then how come people still go for metal braces?” Well, traditional metal braces are stronger. This means that they’re up for extreme cases of correction. Removable braces merely fix misalignment brought forth by missing teeth. They can’t handle situations like crowding. That’s why metal braces take longer because they were built for tougher situations.

In Closing

So, is it worth the money? Sure! If you’re the only goal is to straighten out your teeth in a matter of weeks then go for it. Do remember, however, that the product does has its limitations. It can’t handle severe cases of crowding or misalignment. Its purpose is much simple thus the results come easier.

Of course, you can always consult your orthodontist on which product is better. Make sure to do this every time you’re interested in a certain service. Do this, and you won’t regret paying for it.

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