Teeth Bridge in the Philippines: How It’s Useful

//Teeth Bridge in the Philippines: How It’s Useful

Teeth Bridge in the Philippines: How It’s Useful

Have you ever heard of a teeth bridge in the Philippines? It’s actually known as a dental bridge, but the service does have a lot of names it’s known for. Well, a tooth bridge is one of the services that focuses on missing teeth and the act of replacing them. It’s because of this that most people want to try the service out. However, there are some that have a few reservations about the service and whether or not it’s actually useful. Well, this article will talk about the different benefits you can get from a teeth bridge in the Philippines.

Teeth Bridge in the Philippines

A teeth bridge in the Philippines is essentially a false tooth held in place by two dental crowns. Of course, we wouldn’t be painting a better image if we relied on that description alone. To be clear, a dental bridge is a false tooth that’s connected to two abutment caps.

These abutment caps are miniature dental crowns meant to be placed over the two adjacent teeth of the affected area. Once placed on those teeth, the false is also locked in on the missing spot thus creating a bridge.

Now, getting one will mean that two of your teeth will be filed to down to size. However, the number of teeth to be filed down will be significantly less than an actual dental crown. With that said, it’s still worth knowing what the patient has to give and do to get the service.

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How It’s Useful

The most obvious benefit that a dental bridge can give you is replacing your missing tooth. A dental bridge is a popular choice because it’s conservative. It’s doesn’t require the patient to wear an uncomfortable set of dentures. In addition, a dental bridge is permanent, which means that it stays in its place no matter what. You don’t have to remove it as you would with a set of dentures.

Apart from all that, a dental bridge is comfortable, it lasts for quite a while, and it’s porcelain exterior blends well with your other teeth. Essentially, a dental bridge is the better version of dentures. Many even consider it as a step above the latter.

What It Can’t-Do

Despite its useful qualities, a dental bridge can’t stop bone loss from happening. A dental bridge, much like dentures, only fix the surface problems of missing teeth. Those two services aren’t capable of actually stopping that problem.

If you are looking for a service that does, then you’re most likely looking for dental implants. Dentists today consider the latter to be one of the best answers to missing teeth and all the problems that come with it. Click here to learn more about it.  


Of course, if you do want to know if a dental bridge is for you, then it’s always a wise move to consult with your dentist. Only your dentist can tell you about whether or not a certain service fits you. You might also learn a thing or two about your teeth and what the ideal service for it is.

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