Price of Braces in Manila: The Answer

//Price of Braces in Manila: The Answer

Price of Braces in Manila: The Answer

The price of braces in Manila is a constant change for most since there is no concrete or solid answer to that question. Orthodontic braces, as a lot of people are aware of, correct the positioning of misaligned teeth. However, the problem comes with the amount or degree of correction that is needed. Location is another factor that affects the price of braces in Manila. This article will try and explore the question that revolves around the price of braces and more.

The Price of Braces in Manila: How Much?

So, to put it out there, the price of braces in Manila can start at around Php 30,000 and is subject to go higher. Of course, the price mentioned only speaks for traditional metal braces.

As for the price, the reason why it’s subject to go higher is due to location and degree of correction. High-end dental clinics today run by dentists with decades of experience may charge at a higher price.

Paying for such an expensive service, however, can be flexible. A lot of dental clinics today will accept a down payment followed by a series of incremental payments for an expensive service. This practice is quite common amongst dental clinics that offer a lot of expensive dental services.

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Should You Pay For Damon Braces?

For those that don’t know, Damon braces are considered by many as a step above traditional braces. It offers a faster treatment time, less maintenance, less discomfort, and more. However, the added benefits will mean that it’s significantly more expensive than traditional braces.

In Manila alone, Damon braces are priced at a staggering Php 100,000 or more. If you’re on a budget, then it’s advised to pay for metal braces.

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Why Metal Braces?

First of all, metal braces work and they’re effective. The only reason why a lot of patients today would pay for a different type of braces is due to a few shortcomings that metal braces have. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Discomfort – pain will be felt by the patient after wearing metal braces for a week or two.
  • Maintenance – constant adjustments and cleaning are required in order for metal braces to work properly.
  • Appearance – though some find the look of braces as unique, a majority of the population dislike the look of metal in their mouth.
  • Length – this refers to the length of time that the braces have to stay on as people prefer to wear removable braces than temporary ones.

Traditional metal braces may carry all of these shortcomings with it. However, what’s important to remember is that it still works. It can still correct misaligned teeth maybe more so than its alternatives.


Patients today look at the disadvantages first before seeing what it can truly do for them. They tend to cherry pick different qualities of a service and judge it by those. The best approach to beat this is to consult your dentist first beforehand. Listen in on what he/she has to say about the service and whether or not it’s for you.


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