Permanent Dentures in the Philippines: What Is It?

//Permanent Dentures in the Philippines: What Is It?

Permanent Dentures in the Philippines: What Is It?

Permanent dentures in the Philippines mixes both the concepts of dental implants and dentures together. What results is a product that looks exactly like what you just thought of. This is why permanent dentures in the Philippines have seen a spike in popularity due to it what it offers; a complete set of teeth that’s permanently locked into place. This article will try and talk about the service and how different it is when compared to the normal means of fixing missing teeth.

Permanent Dentures in the Philippines

First of all, permanent dentures in the Philippines isn’t a particularly new service offered by dentists. Ever since dental implants have been introduced, permanent dentures were soon established.

The whole concept of permanent dentures involves a set of dentures made out of a tough acrylic. These dentures were specifically made to be placed on top of protruding implants which are then locked in place. Compare these to standard dentures and it’s pretty clear how it basically rids itself of most problems regarding the latter.

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  • Permanent dentures are comfortable. With the use of dental implants, permanent dentures offer the same degree of comfort as that of the latter. It may feel different at first especially if you’re a first time user, but you’ll eventually get used to it.
  • Permanent dentures have long lifespans. All the patient has to do is to treat the product like normal teeth and it’ll enjoy a long lifespan. A dental implant alone can last an entire lifetime.
  • Permanent dentures are convenient. Regular dentures require the user to remove it in order to be cleaned thoroughly. Permanent dentures, on the other hand, are permanently put in place thus offer more convenience.

Why Go For The Product?

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Permanent dentures offer a more permanent answer for patients who have suffered from several missing teeth. You see, dental implants were only aimed to replace one or maybe two missing teeth. So, what happens when a patient has three or more missing teeth? The price of a single dental implant can start at around Php 50,000. Paying for several implants is too costly for everyone.

Permanent dentures only take a few implants in order for to be locked in place. It’s the ideal service to get when a patient has lost most of their teeth and is mostly relying on dentures.


If you are interested in permanent dentures, then know that there are a few precautions you should take. For starters, most permanent dentures are a complete set of teeth. This means that getting one with only a couple of missing teeth may not be wise. It’s better to look at the other services that deal in the same category.


Before making a move on any of the services mentioned in this article, it’s always wise to consult a dentist beforehand. Doing so will give you the insight and information needed to make a more concrete and solid decision. Always do this when a certain service has piqued your interest.


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