What is Dental Surgery in Manila?

//What is Dental Surgery in Manila?

What is Dental Surgery in Manila?

Dental surgery in Manila is a pretty common service done by most dental practitioners. It usually involves the removable of an impacted wisdom tooth. The latter itself is a problem experienced by a pretty sizeable percentage of patients around the world. So, this article will talk about dental surgery in Manila and everything that one needs to know about it.

What Is Dental Surgery in Manila?

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Dental surgery in Manila is another name for the process of removing an impacted wisdom tooth. Although it does encompass other services, dental surgery is the usually the term used for extractions. It’s a service that patients will have to go through regardless of how perfect their teeth are.

Other than an impacted wisdom tooth, dental surgery may talk about dental implants, gum disease treatment, and more. This article, on the other hand, will only focus on impacted wisdom tooth what you should know about it.

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What Is A Wisdom Tooth and Why Does It Have To Be Removed?

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We have 32 teeth but four of that sprout later on in our lives at around 17 years. They’re called “wisdom teeth” because they show up in times of maturity which is a sign of wisdom. Wisdom teeth are also called named as our third molars due to their location. These late molars are placed at the back of our teeth.

The article has mentioned a couple of times of having a wisdom tooth removed. However, this doesn’t mean that every wisdom tooth should be extracted. A wisdom tooth is only taken off if it’s deemed as impacted.

Impacted wisdom tooth happens when there’s not enough room for your third molar to grow. This results in a wisdom tooth that comes in contact with the closest tooth – you molars. An impacted wisdom tooth no longer has a use for your teeth thus it needs to be removed.

How Much Is Dental Surgery in the Philippines?

Dental surgery usually starts at Php 5,000. Now, you may be asking yourself “why is this expensive compared to a regular tooth extraction service?” Well, removing an impacted wisdom tooth requires the dentist to go inside the gums. Remember, impacted molars stay inside and never fully erupt.

The given price is a mere estimate of how other dental clinics price the service. Every dental clinic will have its own pricing system so don’t expect to find the same price for the service. However, you can expect to stray not too far from the given price.

Why Should You Have an Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removed?

Here are some of the consequences of keeping an impacted wisdom tooth:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Damages Other Teeth
  • Swollen, Tender, and Bleeding Gums
  • Bad Breath
  • Pain Around the Affected Area
  • Gum Infection


Of course, the best course of action that you should initially take is to visit your dentist and get a consultation. Having your dental practitioner examine the tooth itself can help give you a better view of the things to come for said tooth.

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