What is the Price of a Tooth Extraction in Manila?

//What is the Price of a Tooth Extraction in Manila?

What is the Price of a Tooth Extraction in Manila?

To know what is the price of a tooth extraction in Manila, you must first look at the type of extraction. Tooth extractions today are classified into two types: regular and odontectomy. These two types of tooth extractions are distinguished by the situation they’re used in. This article will talk answer the question – what is the price of a tooth extraction in Manila – and more about the service itself.

What is the Price of a Tooth Extraction in Manila?

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The price of a tooth extraction in Manila usually starts at Php 500. The price given is only for your standard extractions like damaged or decayed teeth that’s become irreparable. Still, a tooth extraction service will come at a different depending on the tooth that needs removing. However, it’s quite safe to say that the price won’t stray too far from one the given above.

If you are talking about a tooth extraction involving an impacted wisdom tooth, then that’s a different story. An impacted wisdom tooth removal starts at the price of Php 2,000 with a high chance of going up.

Why is removing a wisdom tooth more expensive? Because an impacted wisdom tooth requires skill to remove. It’s not something that a regular individual can do by themselves without assistance.

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Should I Have A Damaged Tooth Extracted Immediately?

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Not quite. You see, having damaged tooth extracted solely on the basis that it’s damaged is not wise. One must always look at the different alternatives to a tooth extraction because there are plenty. Here are some of them:

  • Composite Restorationa simple chipping should not be a reason to have a tooth removed. Go for this service because it’s affordable, effective, quick, and lasts for quite a while. This is usually the first service people go to when suffering a damaged tooth.
  • Dental Fillingstooth decay isn’t pretty but it’s not impossible to fix either. A dental filling service can repair whatever damage tooth decay has already done to your tooth. Patients have the choice of different materials to choose from with a varying price range.
  • Dental Crownsfor teeth that seems to be too far gone, dental crowns are the ideal choice. A dental crown is essentially a false tooth that caps off a severely damaged one. It comes in a variety of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, zirconia, and even gold. The price will depend on the material you chose.
  • Porcelain Veneersthis is more of a cosmetic issue but having a cracked tooth can still be trouble. Porcelain veneers were made to function like a dental crown except it’s only placed at the front of your tooth. It brings more of a cosmetic improvement when compared to the previous service.

It’s pretty safe to say that a tooth extraction should only be a final resort. Missing teeth can be a problem because you’re going to have to find a replacement unless you want your teeth to drift out of place.


The services mentioned above are perfect for situations that your tooth is currently in. This means that it’s best to consult your dentist on the service you should be paying for. Doing so will save a lot of time and money and even regrets.

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