The Price of a Dental Jacket And If It’s Worth It

//The Price of a Dental Jacket And If It’s Worth It

The Price of a Dental Jacket And If It’s Worth It

The price of a dental jacket in the Philippines can depend upon the material of the jacket itself. The service is known for the wide variety of choice that it gives the patient. Of course, each material that it does has its own set of pros and cons. However, this article will go over if whether or not the price of a dental jacket is worth paying. It will tell you about the average price you can get it for and more.

The Price of a Dental Jacket

Depending on the material that you’ve chosen, you may only have to pay a meager amount for the product. For example, a porcelain dental jacket is priced around Php 10,000. The price of a dental jacket in the country will change from one dental clinic to another. Don’t expect to visit one clinic and find the same product to be priced exactly the same. Of course, one of the bigger factors that may change the price of the service is its material.

A ceramic dental jacket is much more expensive, being priced at around Php 14,000. Of course, with high prices comes more benefits for the patient. A patient can expect that a ceramic dental jacket is much tougher and better looking.

The most expensive dental jacket today are those are made of precious metals. Most notable being gold. A gold dental jacket is used for its durability and is usually placed at the back of your teeth. However, don’t expect to blend in very well with the other teeth. The price for a gold dental jacket can reach as high as Php 50,000. It’s that expensive. However, if you can’t afford it, then you can always try the basic ones made out basic alloys.

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Worth It?

Well, look at it this way. A dental jacket was made to fix and improve your tooth at the same time. This is because the product is placed on the damaged tooth itself. After the tooth is filed down to make space, the jacket is placed thus protecting the tooth. In addition, its whole new appearance can improve the look of your tooth.

Depending on the material you chose, the dental jacket can blend pretty effectively with the other teeth. They’re hardly noticeable and make a great replacement for your damaged teeth. However, the durability and longevity of your jacket will depend upon the material that it’s made of.

Regardless of the material that you chose, do know that a dental jacket is one of the most effective ways of fixing damaged teeth. Be it a chipped or severely cracked tooth, a dental jacket is versatile enough to cover most of them.


Finally, do remember to visit your dentist before making up your mind about the service. Only your dentist can tell you wich variety of dental jacket is right for you. In addition, you’ll find that consulting your dentist can be yield you a lot of advantages in the future. Never forget to visit your dentist.

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