Tooth Implants in the Philippines: The Benefits

//Tooth Implants in the Philippines: The Benefits

Tooth Implants in the Philippines: The Benefits

Getting tooth implants in the Philippines may actually yield you better results in terms of financial and dental benefits. Why? Because dentists in the country have achieved the same level of skill as those found around the globe. The only difference? The price. Patients from all around the globe will find that tooth implants in the Philippines are much more affordable than those received abroad. This article will talk about service and the benefits one can get if they receive it here in the country.

Tooth Implants in the Philippines

So, let’s start with the functional benefits of getting tooth implants in the Philippines.

  • Longevity – a single tooth implant can easily last a lifetime. When compared to dentures, which lasts for a maximum of ten years, and fixed bridges, which lasts for 15 years, a tooth implant lasts so much longer. The product can easily last for over fifty years. A feat that none of its alternatives can achieve.
  • Lack of Maintenance – a dental implant doesn’t require the patient to remove it for individual cleaning. It doesn’t ask the patient to visit their dentist every now and again for the product to be checked. Once it’s placed in the jawbone, one can expect to treat it like it was any other tooth.
  • Bone Loss and Misalignment – everyone knows that both dentures and fixed bridges prevent the teeth from drifting out of place. However, what most people don’t know is that those products can’t stop bone loss. Bone loss is a problem that only a tooth implant can effectively prevent from happening.
  • Comfort – unlike dentures, a tooth implant is comfortable and feels no different than any other tooth. Since it’s placed in the jaw, it shall give off the same feeling of having a tooth from the root to its crown.

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How It Helps Financially

Do you know how much a single tooth implant is priced abroad? $3,000. It’s that expensive. You know how much the product costs in the Philippines? It starts at around $1,000. Seeing the difference, you’ll start to see how a tooth implant in the Philippines is actually the better choice. And, if you’re worried about quality, do remember that most dental practitioners who deal with the product have had the same training as those in Australia or the USA.

A Few Reminders

Tooth implants are pricey. If you don’t have the budget to pay for them, they do know that their alternatives are still a viable choice. Sure, they may not last a lifetime nor do they prevent bone loss, but the very core of their functionality still remains. They were made to help you deal with missing teeth and that should be the first thing you should be thinking about. Click here to learn more about dentures.


Now, it’s always advised to consult your dentist first before paying for any service regardless of price. Only your dentist can tell you the best choice of service that fits your current situation. So, remember to always visit your dental practitioner to get a second opinion on things.

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