How Much are Braces in Manila?

//How Much are Braces in Manila?

How Much are Braces in Manila?

How much are braces in Manila? To answer that question, you must first look at the factors that affect the price of the product. Braces today come in different variations and are available in a number of clinics. This gives the service a wide price range to cover. Fortunately, this article will answer the question – how much are braces in Manila – and more about the service itself. It’ll go over the different types of braces and how they change the price.

How Much Are Braces in Manila?

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So, how much are braces in Manila? The starting price for braces is Php 30,000. Of course, the price will change due to a couple of reasons. These reasons are: how crooked your teeth are and the type of braces you’re getting. There are other reasons but this article will only focus on those two for now.

The severity of your problem will affect the price of your braces. For example, suffering from a bad case of crowding will require a stronger set of braces. However, if you only have a mild orthodontic issue then it won’t be as expensive as you’d thought it is.

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What Are The Types of Braces Available?

I mentioned that the type of orthodontic braces you’re picking will change the price. Here are some of the more notable and popular braces available.

  • Traditional Metal Bracesthese are your standard choice for fixing crooked teeth. The best thing about metal braces is their durability allows them to correct severely crooked teeth. The price of traditional metal braces start at Php 30,000 and can go up to Php 90,000 depending on the issue.
  • Ceramic Bracesif you have a personal gripe with how braces look on your teeth, then this is the ideal choice for you. Ceramic braces use clear brackets and wires thus giving it an invisible aesthetic. Ceramic braces start at Php 45,000 or more.
  • Removable BracesInvisalign has been a popular choice amongst patients who wish to keep their orthodontic treatment controlled. Removable braces are worn overnight and taken off during the day and are made out of a clear material. Of course, this does mean that the treatment time will take longer than usual. These types of braces tend to start at Php 90,000 or even higher.
  • Damon Braces also known as self-ligating braces, Damon braces use a sliding mechanic to treat the orthodontic problem. This allows fewer discomforts, easier cleaning, and less dental maintenance. The only problem is the price, however, as it usually starts at Php 110,000.

Each of the braces has their own purpose to fill out. Picking out the best one means having to evaluate yourself in order to see what variation fits. It’s best to have your orthodontist look at your teeth and render a diagnosis.


As always, one must first consult with his/her orthodontist on their situation. Doing so will give you a more concrete idea of what variation works and what doesn’t. It is advised that you do this beforehand. 

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