What Can Orthodontist in Manila Do?

//What Can Orthodontist in Manila Do?

What Can Orthodontist in Manila Do?

An orthodontist in Manila can do a lot of things for your teeth. To be specific, they specialize in correcting crooked teeth through a number of ways. You probably know them best as your number one providers of orthodontic braces. An orthodontist in Manila has the tools, skill, and experience required to correct teeth ravaged by a myriad of orthodontic issues. This article will go into the types of braces they offer, the problems they solve, and why it should be solved in the first place.

What Are The Problems an Orthodontist in Manila Can Fix?

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An orthodontist in Manila has specialized his/her skills in correcting crooked teeth. Crooked teeth can come in a number of forms and they usually start at young age. Here are the some of these issues:

  • Crowding – happens when your mouth doesn’t have enough space to make room for your teeth or there’s just too many teeth growing out in the first place. In a crowding, a number of teeth are deemed useless because they’re too far from the actual set.
  • Spacing – is a problem caused when your teeth are too spaced out from one another.
  • Underbitewhen the lower half of your jaw extends out then this is an underbite, causing a “bulldog-like” appearance.
  • Overbitethis happens when the upper half of the jaw is too far forward from the other half.
  • Openbitethis happens when the upper and lower teeth fail to make contact with each other even if the mouth is closed.

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Why Is It Important To Have These Problems Fixed?

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  • Chewing Problems – chewing food with crooked teeth can be trouble. Since they’re not aligned, food can get stuck in between teeth easily and they may not be properly minced.
  • Unnecessary Pressure – with crooked teeth, you may find that you’re exerting more pressure chewing food than you normally would. Unnecessary pressure brought on the jaw can cause TMJ disorders and more.
  • Harder To Cleancrooked teeth are harder to clean. Some areas around your teeth may not even be reached by your toothbrush.
  • Tooth Decaywith a set of teeth that’s harder to clean, this can result in tooth decay becoming more of a threat to your oral health. This forces an individual to visit his/her dentist a number of times in under a month.

What Are The Types of Braces Offered By An Orthodontist?

  • Traditional Metal Bracesthese are the ideal choice for patients looking to correct severely damaged teeth.
  • Ceramic Bracesthese braces are made from clear brackets and wires thus giving a subtle appearance; the perfect choice for those who dislike the look of braces.
  • Removable Bracesthese braces are put on overnight and taken off during the day.
  • Damon Braces also known as self-ligating braces, Damon braces offer a faster treatment time than normal but it does cost more.


Of course, the best action you should always take is by visiting your nearest dentist or orthodontist. Doing so will give you a clearer picture as to what you’re actually facing if you have crooked teeth.

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