How Much Are Dental Implants in the Philippines?

//How Much Are Dental Implants in the Philippines?

How Much Are Dental Implants in the Philippines?

How much are dental implants in the Philippines? Well, dental implants are expensive. They’re not just expensive, they’re very expensive. However, with such a high price tag, the product does come with a series of advantages worth having. Advantages that aren’t present in your average tooth replacement dental product. It’s a one-of-a-kind product that delivers on its promises. This article will talk about the service and answer the question – how much are dental implants in the Philippines.

How Much Are Dental Implants in the Philippines?

So, how much are dental implants in the Philippines? Dental implants have a starting price of Php 75,000. Note that the given price is an average of how most dental clinics price the service. It remains as one of the more expensive dental products currently available. Also, the price mentioned is for one implant only.

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Is A Dental Implant Worth It?

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To keep it short, a dental implant is worth the money that’s its asking for. Why? Here are the main benefits that a dental implant provides that no other service cannot.

  • Prevents Bone Lossbone loss is a problem creeping problem for patients who have lost a tooth. It’s a problem that causes the bone around the missing tooth to recede and a dental implant can prevent it from happening. Dentures and dental bridges cannot stop this problem.
  • Longevity – another advantage that a dental implant can offer is its ability to last for a lifetime. Once it’s locked in place, you can expect the product to stay there for decades to come.
  • Durabledental implants are made out of titanium. Titanium is one of the strongest metals on earth. This essentially gives dental implant a strong exterior enough to withstand whatever stress your jaw can handle.
  • Comfortdental implants are comfortable and feels natural. This is thanks to the fact that it’s inserted into the jaw bone of the missing tooth. The foreign material that’s placed in your jaw will feel as if it’s a brand new tooth.

What If I Can’t Afford A Dental Implant?

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Due to their price, not everyone is lucky enough to get a dental implant. However, the product still has a couple of alternatives that are worth trying.

  • Denturesfor decades, people have always turn to dentures as their go-to product for missing teeth. It may not be as ideal as some want it to be but it still gets the job done. Furthermore, dentures have had a significant jump in its technology offering different types and variations.
  • Dental Bridgea dental bridge is a false tooth anchored by two abutment caps on both sides. The two caps are placed on top of the adjacent teeth of the missing tooth thus forming a bridge. It’s a worthwhile service to have if you don’t want to experience the shortcomings that dentures have.


Dental implants, though effective and reliable, still require the right preparations to do. If you are interested in getting one yourself, then it’s advised that you get your teeth examined. The product requires enough bone for it to be housed in. This means that a lack bone will force you to pick another service to replace your missing tooth.

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