Flexible Dentures: What Do They Offer?

//Flexible Dentures: What Do They Offer?

Flexible Dentures: What Do They Offer?

Flexible dentures are said to be the next best thing if a patient doesn’t want to try out regular dentures. Why? Because the product rids itself of the problems that come when owning or using regular dentures. That’s why this article will try and compare both products and see what flexible dentures have to offer for its user. Also, the article will look at another alternative that’s particularly close to the price range of a flexible denture.

Flexible Dentures Vs. Regular Dentures

Let’s look at all the qualities of Flexible Dentures that trumps those found in regular dentures:

  • Comfort – the tough and rigid exterior of regular dentures makes it uncomfortable especially for new users. Well, a flexible denture replaces this tough exterior with a flexible one those allowing it stretch accordingly.
  • No More Slipping – because its foundation is a lot more flexible, this allows the product to cling to the gums better than regular dentures. The latter has always had this problem of setting loose especially in times of chewing or speech.
  • Aesthetic – since the material of a flexible denture is clearer, this allows the natural color of your gums to show. A more natural look equals a better aesthetic overall.

Now, let’s look at all the disadvantages that the product brings along with it:

  • Price – these newer dentures may offer less of the problem but it means that they come higher in terms of price. The price of flexible dentures in the Philippines can start at around Php 20,000.
  • Bacteria Buildup – the soft and flexible base of the product is prone to more bacteria buildup. It’s advised to clean it thoroughly on a daily basis. Allowing the bacteria to build up will cause your oral health some problems that you may not want to experience.
  • Maintenance – speaking of daily cleaning, these dentures are still victim to maintenance. This means that a patient must still take the product out of daily and clean it thoroughly. Expect this to be the most inconvenient thing that the product offers.

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It’s quite clear that one of the few advantages of regular dentures is its price.

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Fixed Bridges

I mentioned at the beginning at the beginning of an alternative close to the product. Well, these are fixed bridges. When comparing fixed bridges with regular dentures, one can see that it offers a lot in terms of quality. However, do know that a fixed bridge is a lot more expensive. However, if you do have the budget to pay for it, then know that it is the better service to treat missing teeth. Make sure to visit your dentist and get an examination to see if you’re liable for the service.


All of the services and products mentioned in the article is meant to give you a choice. Should you go for a flexible denture regardless of its price? Or should you save up on your dental budget and just get regular braces? Make sure to consult with your dentist to see which product is best for your current situation.


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