Porcelain Bridges vs. Dentures: What’s Better?

//Porcelain Bridges vs. Dentures: What’s Better?

Porcelain Bridges vs. Dentures: What’s Better?

So, porcelain bridges vs. dentures, who would win? Well, this article will try and answer that question. Since the two services already fix the same problem, which is missing teeth, we shall compare what each service has that the other doesn’t. This is important because when you’re pitting porcelain bridges vs. dentures, quality must first come before anything else. So, let’s compare the two dental products.

Porcelain Bridges vs. Dentures

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Let’s first look at dentures. Dentures have been a popular choice for the masses due to its affordability and abundance. This means that most, if not, all dental clinics in the country to offer the service. It won’t take much effort on your part in looking for it. Also, dentures come in a variety of options. One can either get partial or full, removable or permanent and resin or flexible.

However, dentures do come with a few drawbacks or shortcomings. First of all, first time users of the product will experience discomfort and slight pain. This is due to the gums still adjusting to the feel of dentures. Furthermore, this could mean that speech and chewing will be a lot harder to do at first. Though the latter can be supplemented by trying out soft foods first.

As for longevity, dentures are expected to be replaced after 10 years. It can be that long if you make the effort of maintaining it. And yes, dentures do require special maintenance.

Porcelain Bridges

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A porcelain bridge is seen as a better approach to missing teeth when compared to dentures. Why? Because it rids itself of the shortcomings that dentures have. For starters, a porcelain bridge does not cause discomfort. It’s actually quite comfortable for everyone and blends well with the rest of the teeth. In addition, a porcelain bridge doesn’t impede speech and chewing. Also, the product requires no special maintenance. It doesn’t need to be removed after every meal to be washed separately.

However, do porcelain bridges come at a higher price for the standard one. Getting an emax version means more money that you’re going to have to shell out. Also, a porcelain bridge, though already common, may not be as abundant as dentures. It will take some effort on your part to find a dental clinic that offers the service.

Conclusion and Verdict

There is a clear winner when pit porcelain bridges vs. dentures. Quality-wise, a porcelain bridge takes this one home with little to no fault. However, this does not mean that a pair of dentures aren’t viable for you. They’re still a reliable answer for missing teeth but they not as good as a porcelain bridge.

If you do want to a professional to chime in on your opinion, then be sure to visit a dentist. Your dentist can give you the insight and perspective needed to find what service fits you best. Make sure to do this each time you’re planning on paying them for a certain dental product or procedure.

Lastly, one of the takeaways from this article is that every product has its own purpose to fill out. It’s up to you to find out how it suits you and your needs.

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