Is The Price of a Root Canal Worth It?

//Is The Price of a Root Canal Worth It?

Is The Price of a Root Canal Worth It?

The price of a root canal remains as one of the more affordable ones currently available today. Which is fortunate for patients because it is a service that treats a problem experienced by a lot of adults. This article will talk about a root canal and how it’s essential for you to know how much it costs and what it can do.

What Is The Price of a Root Canal?

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The average price of a root canal starts at Php 6,000. As mentioned at the beginning, it’s quite affordable especially for a service that’s aimed towards saving you money in the future.

What Are The Benefits of a Root Canal?


  • Saves Your Natural Tooth – a lot of patients would rather have their tooth removed their pay the amount for a root canal treatment. Why they don’t know, however, is that a root canal service saves their natural tooth. In turn, the service saves them money in the future.
  • It Saves You Moneythe price of a tooth extraction service is a lot cheaper at first. However, removing your tooth will force you to look for a replacement. The cheapest replacement starts at Php 12,000. If you won’t find a replacement, then say goodbye to your straight teeth as a missing tooth will cause your teeth to drift out of place.
  • Pain Alleviationa root canal service treats infected teeth. What happens when your tooth is infected? It becomes sensitive and any contact with temperature will cause pain. Only the service is capable of getting rid of the pain whilst saving the tooth at the same time.



Think Twice Before You Have Your Tooth Removed

We cannot stress the importance of keeping your natural tooth. One should only turn to this resolution if there is no other choice. Thankfully, your dentist will fill you in on the possible options to save your tooth from the infection.


Not sure if you have an infected tooth? Visit your dentist and have your oral health checked. Doing so will give you the information and perspective to know what to do next. This will save you the time and effort of doing it in the future.

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