4 Tips About Your Toothbrush Your Should Know

//4 Tips About Your Toothbrush Your Should Know

4 Tips About Your Toothbrush Your Should Know

These tips about your toothbrush provide a different perspective that everyone should know about. It helps to know everything that there is to know about the tool you use to keep your teeth healthy. That’s why this article will talk about a few tips regarding your toothbrush. It’ll show how you should take care of it, when to replace it, and more.

4 Tips About Your Toothbrush

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4. Replacing Your Toothbrush

We can’t go over the tips about your toothbrush without discussing this first.

You must know that you can’t keep the same toothbrush for more than three months. Why? Because, by then, the bristles of the brush will be frayed. Frayed bristles mean it’s can’t clean your teeth properly.

What’s the use of a toothbrush that can’t even clean your own teeth? Nothing. So, make sure to get a new one every three months.

3. How Long Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Not a lot of people know this so they tend to just wing it.

Experts suggest that one should brush their teeth at least three minutes. This is enough to scrub out any plaque and keep your teeth healthy.

Just remember to be gentle but thorough in order to clean your teeth effectively.

2. Tougher Brushing Isn’t Good

On the subject of gentle brushing, no good will come out of brushing your teeth at a rough pace. You’ll end up risking damage on your enamel which is the very opposite of what a toothbrush has to do.

Take light in the fact that your brush is good enough to clean your teeth even if you’re doing it gently.

1. How Many Times Should You Brush Daily?

At least twice a day. That’s the recommended amount of times you should be brushing your teeth in a single day.

Some think that brushing after every meal is good but it might overexpose your teeth and it’ll quickly wear out the brush itself.


There are clips throughout YouTube that shows the proper way of brushing your teeth. If you’re too shy to visit your dentist on this matter, then you can try the latter.

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