How To Brush Your Teeth Properly: 3 Tips

//How To Brush Your Teeth Properly: 3 Tips

How To Brush Your Teeth Properly: 3 Tips

How to brush your teeth properly? Well, if you’ve watched a certain commercial on television then you’d have a pretty solid idea how. However, there are a few things that not a lot people know about when it comes to their toothbrush. Everything from the technique of brushing all the way to the toothbrush itself. It’s important to know and apply these methods because you might have been doing it wrong. That’s why this article will teach you how to brush your teeth properly.

How To Brush Your Teeth Properly?

3. Be Gentle

Don’t brush your teeth in a way you’d brush off dirt and grime from floor tiles. Your teeth, though they are pretty tough, need a gentle hand for their hygiene. This means that if you are doing it rough, then you’re just gonna end up with damaged teeth. That’s right. The enamel that covers the surface of our tooth can be damaged if improperly handled.

The next time you’re brushing, be sure to exert a certain amount of strength into it. Not too much, just enough to clean the bits of food and plaque away.  

2. Replace Your Toothbrush

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This may not aid you in terms of technique, but it can improve your dental efforts. You see, the bristles of your toothbrush become frayed after a month or two of usage. Frayed bristles mean that your toothbrush may not be as effective as it once was. It’s better to throw it away after a couple of months and replacing it with a brand new one. Furthermore, it helps to use a toothbrush brand that has been approved by the American Dental Association.

1. The 45-Degree Angle

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When you’re brushing the back of your teeth, be sure to take on a 45-degree angle. This way you’re covering both the gums and the teeth. Once done, simply brush back and forth. Try and brush every bit of your teeth to remove plaque buildup and more.

Dentists also recommend you include your tongue and cheeks. Both of these spots in your mouth can carry bacteria. The same bacteria that produces tooth decay and cavities. It’s best to use a toothbrush with a tongue and cheek cleaner for this method.


Apart from brushing your teeth for at least twice a day, try adding floss and mouthwash into your routine. Flossing helps remove bits of food in between teeth, space where your toothbrush can’t reach. Mouthwash removes all the leftover bacteria that’s in your mouth. Adding these two elements into your routine greatly helps in preventing tooth decay and cavities.


Brushing your teeth is the first step to healthy teeth. However, do remember that, like many things, brush your teeth requires technique. In doing so, the chances of you protecting your oral health is heightened. One should truly care for their teeth because the last thing they want is to have it removed.

With that said, hopefully, this article has taught you how to brush your teeth properly. Also, click here if you wish to learn more about caring for your own oral health in general.

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