Do Teeth Whitening Products Work?

//Do Teeth Whitening Products Work?

Do Teeth Whitening Products Work?

Teeth whitening products work the same as professional teeth whitening does, or so they claim it does. You see, people today are looking for the best method to whiten their teeth at home. At first, they used the natural methods one can look up online such as apple cider, strawberries and more. Eventually, teeth whitening products were introduced. The only thing that makes people worried about is whether or not teeth whitening products work. Well, this article will answer that very question.

Do Teeth Whitening Products Work?

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Let’s take a look at how teeth whitening products work.

The most popular of these products are a certain whitening gel that contains a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide. Why hydrogen peroxide? Well, hydrogen peroxide is said to be a strong cleansing agent that removes the stains from our teeth. Sure enough, a hydrogen peroxide can work in the right amounts through the right usage.

You might have also heard of a special UV Light for teeth that activates hydrogen peroxide. However, a majority of studies regarding the product have continually disproved its effectiveness.

If a whitening product doesn’t use hydrogen peroxide, then they’re most certainly using an abrasion method. Products like these involve the act of scrubbing away the stains found on our teeth. Though the act of cleaning the stains is already done through brushing, products specially made for this might cause damage if improperly used.

In summary, products that deal with components that are already proven to work should be a safer bet for you to choose.

Are They Safe?

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Safety should be everyone’s priority when it comes to these kinds of products. If a certain teeth whitening product does interest you then be sure to consult your dentist. There’s a reason why teeth whitening methods are done by professionals.

However, if you are truly adamant about whitening your teeth at home, then at least see a dentist. Ask him/her about the product that interests you and whether or not it works. It also helps to have someone who practices dentistry to oversee these at-home methods.

The Safer Methods

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If you have the money and time, then go pay for a professionally done teeth whitening service. This method is a lot safer and results are expected in just under two hours. Of course, the only thing that should worry you about it is its price. A dental whitening does not come cheap.

You could also go for the more natural methods of whitening teeth. Methods such as brushing twice a day, reducing sugar intake, practicing a healthier diet, and more. You’d be surprised to know the number of natural teeth whitening methods that have been proven to work. This is a great approach to anyone who doesn’t have the budget but does have the time to wait.

In Closing

Though there the number of teeth whitening products do reach a far higher count, the ones mentioned above are a simple summary of it. Remember, quantity does not speak for its quality. Always consult your dentist before using any of the products listed above.

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