How To Cure Toothache Pain: Quick Tips

//How To Cure Toothache Pain: Quick Tips

How To Cure Toothache Pain: Quick Tips

There are a number of ways to cure toothache pain. You would be surprised at the number of household ingredients that can do the job. Everything from salt, tea, garlic, and more. Each of the tips that will be given in the article is easily doable. The article will also remind you of any signs that you should look out for in order to avoid toothaches. With that said, here are a few ways to easily cure toothache pain.

How To Cure Toothache Pain

Let’s start with the simplest method involving the most common of household ingredients, salt. Using a salt rinse to cure a toothache can reduce inflammation and help clean any wounds. It disinfects the bacteria responsible for tooth decay which causes toothaches. To make a salt rinse, mix  ½ teaspoon of water into a glass of warm water. Mix thoroughly and rinse for under a minute.

Garlic is another great source for a toothache remedy. Being a natural source of anti-oxidant, crushing the garlic down to a fine paste makes it a great remedy. Add salt to the past and apply to the affected area.

If the cause of your toothache comes from a swollen area, it may be wise to use a cold compress. If you don’t have any, then making one is fairly easy. Simply a bunch of ice cubes and cover it up with a towel. Place it over the affected for 10 – 15 minutes and take it off for 10 minutes. Do this a few times during the day.

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How To Avoid a Toothache

To cure toothache pain, you must first see what’s causing it. Though there are a number of reasons why one would experience a toothache, most people today may be victim to the most common reasons.

Tooth decay remains as one of the most common causes of a toothache. If the decay is left to develop, it can reach the dentin which causes sensitivity. The farther the decay reaches, the worse it gets because our sensitive nerves are located at the center of our teeth.

How do you avoid tooth decay? By taking care of your teeth. Remember to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once. Refrain from eating too many sweets or acidic foods unless it is followed by a thorough cleaning. Follow this routine and your teeth should be clear of any signs of decay. 

If you already have damaged teeth, then be sure to visit your dentist to learn about certain services that fix it. 

Sensitive teeth is also another reason why our teeth can feel pain. Pain is felt when the tooth comes in contact with lower temperatures. To combat this, try substituting your normal toothpaste with brands that specialize in sensitive teeth.

In Closing

Tooth decay can easily be avoided if patients would only care for their teeth. Having a good routine to maintain oral hygiene should be a part of our everyday lives. Tooth decay and other oral ailments may not worry you at first, but regret only comes at the worse of times. Don’t wait for that moment to come, instead, try and follow a strict routine and keep your teeth healthy at all times.  


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