The cost of tooth fillings in the Philippines can be rather affordable when compared to its alternatives. However, is it worth paying for? Is it worth the asking price when it’s alternatives offer more in terms of benefits? Well, this article will try and answer that question. The article will also try and understand why the service remains a viable option for tooth repairs.

Cost of Tooth Fillings in the Philippines

The cost of tooth fillings in the Philippines is around Php 2,000 or less. It’s that affordable. Why is it affordable? Well, composite restoration service is abundant. Almost every dental clinic in the country offer the service and it remains a viable choice for tooth repairs. However, the price will change depending on the clinic you’re going to. Some might offer it at a very cheap price while others may not. This is due to the quality of skill at work. Even for a service as affordable as this one, the cost of tooth fillings in the Philippines can still go up due to its quality.

The service lasts for at least 10 years if maintained properly. Also, it comes at a variety of choices. Some dental fillings can be made out of metal, if not, a composite resin. Though the latter is much more abundant, variations of the service still exist for a matter of choice.

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Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking for a quick way to fix a chipped or damaged tooth, sure. A composite restoration is worth all the money that it’s asking for. However, the service does have its limits. A composite restoration is not ideal for severely damaged teeth. Moreover, the resin placed on the tooth tends to chip when put under a significant amount of pressure.

You take all that into consideration, and you still have a viable option for teeth repairs. It’s the perfect service to fix minor to intermediate damage.

The Alternatives

If you are dealing with severely damaged teeth, then a dental crown may be for you. To make it short, the service is the perfect option for tooth repairs. It offers longevity, quality, durability, aesthetic, and more. It’s not quite the service you can expect from your regular dental clinic but it is starting to get a foothold in the country.

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Consult Your Dentist

If you wish to know what service is ideal for the current state of a damaged tooth, then be sure to visit your dentist. Your dentist can give you insight and perspective into any service you may be interested in. Also, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to develop a solid routine of dental visits. Getting your teeth checked regularly ensures that you can take preventive measures before it gets worse.

In Closing

A composite restoration or dental filling service remains as a viable option for. It’s a quick and affordable method of fixing damaged teeth. Furthermore, a majority of dentists in the country will recommend the service even the ones that do offer dental crowns.