Cost of a Root Canal in the Philippines: Worth It?

//Cost of a Root Canal in the Philippines: Worth It?

Cost of a Root Canal in the Philippines: Worth It?

The cost of a root canal in the Philippines is worth all the money it’s asking for once you get to know the service. What it’s for is probably the biggest aspect of the service. One must understand the purpose of a root canal service to fully appreciate it. This article will try and explain those aspects. This article will talk about the cost of a root canal in the Philippines and more.

Cost of a Root Canal in the Philippines

So, the cost of a root canal in the Philippines is around Php 6,000 – Php 8,000. It’s relatively affordable compared to some of the more popular services today. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the price range given above is no solid estimate. This is due to most dental clinics in the country with different pricing regulations. This could mean that a certain dental clinic may have their service higher while others won’t.

What It’s For

Each of our teeth has a pulp inside it. It is protected by the enamel and the dentin respectively. The pulp contains the nerves of our teeth, these nerves are responsible for what a tooth feels. The pulp is connected to the root.

Now, a pulp can be infected by a microbial invasion. Once its infected, it causes a severe toothache. This is what a root canal therapy is for.

A root canal therapy involves the dentist cleaning out the infected pulp entirely. This method prevents the infection from spreading. Once the pulp is cleaned out, the tooth is sealed back tight. It’s important to understand that a root canal therapy is probably the only one of its kind. It’s affordable and it’s very effective at solving whatever problem it was made to solve.

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Some Precautions

Sometimes, when a tooth is badly infected, the following root canal therapy may render the tooth brittle. A brittle tooth may not be able to withstand the same amount of punishment as it previously can. In this case, a dentist will recommend you to get a dental crown. Dental crowns are an effective way of getting protecting and fixing a tooth. If a tooth its durability, then a dental crown is the better alternative for it. Luckily, a dental crown is quite abundant and one easily acquire one.

In Closing

It’s always recommended to visit your dentist at the first signs of pain. A dentist can scan your tooth and see if it is infected. If it is, then you can start to plan for the service right away. The sooner you get a root canal therapy, the sooner you’re able to avoid it getting worse. If you don’t want to pay extra for a dental crown then take action as soon as it is confirmed. Also, never resort to a tooth extraction unless your dentist says so. Having your tooth removed will only bring a myriad of problems down in the future. 

Finally, take comfort in the fact that nearly all dental clinics in the country offer the service. A root canal service should be a procedure that every dentist knows how to do.

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