Dental Veneers in the Philippines: About The Service

//Dental Veneers in the Philippines: About The Service

Dental Veneers in the Philippines: About The Service

Dental veneers in the Philippines currently stand as one of the more popular choices in tooth repair services. They’re not as popular as dental crowns, however, and it still deserves a wide range of recognition. So, what can the service offer to any dental patient out there? Well, this article will go over the functionalities of dental veneers in the Philippines. The article will also try and answer whether or not the service is worth money it’s asking for.

Dental Veneers in the Philippines

Before you ask, yes, dental veneers in the Philippines are quite abundant especially in the metropolitan areas in the country. Rightly so since the service has seen a slight rise in popularity over the years. It has been the number one choice for anyone looking to fix and improve a damaged incisor. So, what does it have to offer? What does a porcelain veneer have that no other service can offer?

Essentially, a dental veneer is placed on the front of a damaged tooth. The tooth must first be filed down to make room for the product. Impressions must always be taken in order for the clinic to accurately place the right shape for the veneer. It is then placed with a bonding agent to ensure that it stays in place.

A dental veneer not only fixes chipped and damaged teeth but it improves its general appearance. It improves its color, alignment, and shape. This very reason alone has given the service a favorable reception from patients who have tried it.

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Comparing It To Dental Crowns

If you’ve heard of dental veneers then chances are you’ve also heard of dental crowns. The latter has been the number one choice for a patient looking to fix and improve a damaged tooth. If you’re wondering why the two services sound quite similar in terms of function it’s because they are. Both services require a tooth being filed down to a specific size to make room for it. Dental crowns too improve the general appearance of teeth such as its color and shape. With that said, how does one distinguish a dental crown from a dental veneer?

A dental crown covers the entire tooth while a veneer is only placed at the front of the tooth. This means that a dental veneer only requires little material to be filed down from the tooth. It’s definitely a great choice for anyone looking to fix and improve a tooth with intermediate damage.

Worth It?

As mentioned above, dental veneers in the Philippines are worth all the money that it asks for. It’s actually a popular service among celebrities. It’s service one should take when they desire to improve the tooth and, in turn, their smile.


If you’re a bit indecisive on whether or not you should pay for a crown or a veneer, then consult your dentist. Your dentist will give you the right insight and perspective on what service is best picked for your situation. Always consult your dentist when you decide to get a service that’s considered by many to be a long-term investment for your teeth.

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