What Is The Price of a Root Canal Treatment?

//What Is The Price of a Root Canal Treatment?

What Is The Price of a Root Canal Treatment?

The price of a root canal treatment today is relatively affordable especially if you compare it with other services. What’s important is that you know what a root canal can do for you and your teeth. The service plays an important role in conservative dentistry and it allows you to save thousands in the future. This article will talk about the price of a root canal treatment and its benefits.

The Price of a Root Canal Treatment in Manila

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The average price of a root canal treatment is Php 6,000. It sounds expensive but if you compare it with the best tooth restoration or tooth replacement service, then it’ll pale in comparison.

What Are The Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment?

  • It Saves Your Tooth – a lot of patients today think that the best answer for an infected tooth is removing it. Doing so will force them to face the consequences of having a missing tooth. Suffice to say, a root canal treatment helps save your natural tooth and spares you the trouble later.
  • It Saves you Money – the worst thing about a missing tooth is finding a replacement for it. You know what’s worse? The fact that the cheapest replacement for a tooth starts at the price of Php 10,000. That’s a lot pricier than a root canal treatment.
  • It Frees You From The Pain – an infected tooth will cause it to become too sensitive towards temperature and pressure. Trust us when we say that eating or drinking with an infected tooth causes a lot of discomfort for you.
  • A Dental Crowna root canal treatment also gives you the opportunity to try a dental crown. Although it is not necessary, getting one after the service ensures the longevity of a tooth that’s free of its pulp.


How does one know if they have an infected tooth? Simple, you visit your dentist and have it checked. Your dentist can give you teeth an examination and see whether or not you should get the service. Fortunately, dental check-ups and examinations are cheap, very cheap. You’ll find a hard time thinking of a reason why you shouldn’t get an examination.

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