The Price of Orthodontics in Manila

//The Price of Orthodontics in Manila

The Price of Orthodontics in Manila

The price of orthodontics in Manila will depend on the service that you’ve chosen. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals in correcting crooked teeth. This branch of dentistry is responsible for giving you braces and retainers. However, it’s more than that. Orthodontics is the treatment that one goes through if they want straighter and better teeth.

This article will talk about the price of orthodontics in Manila, the kind of braces they offer, and more.

What Is The Price of Orthodontics in Manila?

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The average price of orthodontics in Manila is around Php 30,000 – Php 120,000.

At this point, you might be quite surprised why it starts off that high and wide. Well, the price of orthodontics is affected by a few elements such as the type of braces, the length of treatment, and the severity of the problem itself.

If you’re dealing with a severe case of crowding, then you will have to pay your orthodontist a higher amount. On the other hand, if you’re only experiencing a mild orthodontic issue, then you won’t have to pay as much.

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What Are The Benefits of Orthodontics?

  • A Better Smile – straighter teeth means a better smile. No matter how white your teeth are, smiling with crooked teeth will ruin the overall aesthetic.
  • Chew Better – eating food with crooked teeth will make it harder for you to chew. This means that you’re putting in more effort than normal in order to properly digest the food.
  • Easier To Cleancrooked teeth can make it harder for you to clean it with a toothbrush. If they’re straightened, however, you will find that maintaining your dental hygiene is a lot easier.

What Are The Types of Braces Available?

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  • Traditional Metal Braces – these are cheapest braces available. However, this doesn’t mean that metal braces aren’t worth it. They remain as one of the toughest sets of braces and can correct even the toughest cases of crooked teeth.
  • Ceramic Bracesif you don’t like the metallic look that traditional metal braces have, then ceramic braces are for you. These are a bit more expensive but they do look subtle and are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Removable Bracesfor adults who don’t like wearing braces for 24 hours a day, removable braces are their ideal orthodontic treatment. Removable braces are worn during the night and are removed during the day.
  • Self-Ligating Bracesalso known as Damon Braces, self-ligating braces use a sliding mechanic that allows it to automatically adjust to the user’s teeth. This minimizes the discomfort and pain felt when being worn. The only downside to this type of braces is the price tag. Currently, these are the most expensive orthodontic braces available.

Retainers and After Orthodontic Treatment

Retainers are worn after braces are removed. These mouthpieces are designed to keep your teeth straight as they have the tendency to shift back to their original position. Click here to learn more about retainers and their different uses.


Make sure to consult your orthodontist on which type of braces you should be going for. Doing so will give you the right info and insight to make a solid decision.


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