4 Dental Services To Fix A Broken Tooth

//4 Dental Services To Fix A Broken Tooth

4 Dental Services To Fix A Broken Tooth

To fix a broken tooth, you must first look at the type of damage that it has sustained. What the damage is can determine the kind of service that you should be going for. Also, it helps to know the different types of tooth restoration services that are currently available.

This article will talk about four dental services known to fix a broken tooth. Also, the article will talk about their price and what they can do for your teeth.

4 Services To Fix A Broken Tooth

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Below are four of the best methods to fix a broken tooth. These services are available in almost every dental clinic in the Philippines. However, it’s still worth talking to your dentist about them. Your dentist can give you a few pointers on which one you should be paying for first.

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Finally, do remember that the prices stated below are just an average estimate. Each dental clinic today has its own way of pricing their services. However, you can expect that the prices given will be close as to what you dental clinic will ask.

The Services

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  • Dental Fillingsthe most common reason why we get a broken tooth is due to cavities. Cavities are the result of tooth decay left to fester. Dental fillings were made to fill the holes made by cavities. The materials used can vary but the most common ones are amalgam and a composite resin. Dental fillings start at Php 1,500.

  • Composite Restorationif a tooth is damaged due to injury or chipping, then a composite restoration is for you. A composite restoration procedure uses a composite material in order to repair a broken tooth. The material is placed on the affected area and then molded to match the shape of the missing section. A composite restoration service starts at Php 1,500.

  • Dental Crownsif you suffer from a severe case of decay or damage, then a dental crown is your best solution. A dental crown is essentially a false tooth that replaces and protects the original tooth. The affected tooth will be filed down in order to make space for the crown. Finally, dental crowns come in a variety of materials such as porcelain, Emax, zirconia, and even gold. Dental crowns start at a price of Php 9,000.

  • Dental Veneersa dental veneer is a thin shell-like material that’s placed in front of a tooth. This veneer acts like a dental crown because it protects and replaces the affected tooth. The main difference between the two services, however, is that dental veneers bring in more cosmetic benefits. You can get a dental veneer even if you have a healthy tooth. A dental veneer usually costs around Php 12,000.


If you’re unsure on what service you should be paying for, then make sure that you talk to your dentist about it. Your dentist can give you the info you need to make the right decision.

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