Price of Braces in the Philippines: Things to Know

//Price of Braces in the Philippines: Things to Know

Price of Braces in the Philippines: Things to Know

The price of braces in the Philippines is pricey once you start to peruse through its variations and other aspects of it. However, there are a few things one should be mindful when you’re trying to pay for the service. These reminders will help you understand why the service is worth the money it’s asking for. So, this article won’t only talk about the price of braces in the Philippines but actually, go over a few things about the service itself.

Cost of Braces in the Philippines

The average price of braces in the Philippines can go between Php 30,000 – Php 80,000. Note that this will rise depending on the dental clinic you’re in. Also, dental clinics today won’t ask for the full price of the service. Some dental clinics are content with a down payment followed by a set amount of increments.

You might be thinking to yourself “wow, it’s that expensive?” It is. A set of traditional braces itself is considered to be the most affordable in the bunch. Furthermore, it’s probably the only thing in its a category that corrects teeth placement. Another reason why the service is pricey is the fact that it’s meant to be a long-term investment. Orthodontic braces yield results from 12-24 months. It’s that long before it corrects every bit of teeth in your mouth.

Some Reminders

Traditional metal braces can be uncomfortable for the first few weeks or less. The user has to get used to the micro adjustments the product does. In addition, the user is required to visit the orthodontist every now and again. Adjustments to the device must be made in order for it to stay effective.

When it comes braces, a patient has to avoid certain consumables and practice a new style of eating. It’s important that the braces stay on no matter what. If it doesn’t, then it’s off to the orthodontist for a few repairs.

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Something Better

There are variations to the service. Damon braces, for example, are considered to be the better albeit more expensive choice in the service. Damon braces essentially take every negative of traditional metal braces and cut it down to 75% less or so. It doesn’t require as much maintenance nor does it give off too much discomfort. In addition, Damon braces yield results a lot quicker. Studies have shown that users of the product managed to have the device removed 7-8 months quicker.

I mentioned that Damon braces are a lot more expensive than traditional metal braces. The price of Damon braces in the Philippines can easily start at Php 100,000 or more. If you wish to avoid any of the negatives that come with traditional metal braces, then it’s advised to take these instead.


Of course, you can always visit your dentist when the price of braces in the Philippines bother you. If you want to receive their effects then know that there are other variations that exist in its categories. It only takes a simple visit to your dentist to answer the questions that plague you.

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