Journey of A Happy Couple For A Reliable Dentist in Manila

//Journey of A Happy Couple For A Reliable Dentist in Manila

Journey of A Happy Couple For A Reliable Dentist in Manila

Australia is one of the most developed countries in the Asia Pacific and it has one of the richest in terms of natural resources and no wonder it has the biggest natural living thing in the world, which is the Great Barrier Reef. Thousands of people from around the world are migrating to this great vast country in search of greener pasture. So it’s no wonder that such a place in the world would hold experts in dentistry. Which brings us to our story of a couple looking for a reliable dentist in Manila.

How Does A Dentist in Manila Fit Into The Story?

One couple from the country of Romania, Vasile and Maria Crisan migrated to Australia more than 10 years ago seeking greener pasture and they never looked back ever since. Australia had and has been very good to them in terms of living standards and business. One thing that has been in their minds since a couple of years ago is to have their teeth done by a local dentist, Vasile has been wearing a top denture for about almost 20 years and it is old and broken and was not able to chew properly because of bothersome loose bottom complete denture, Maria had infection and worn out top teeth and old bridge at the bottom so extraction and root canal treatment should be done, but due to scheduling and most of all HIGH FEES it has always been set aside. Nowadays the Internet has been a big help to many and a lot of their friends had encouraged them so why not go overseas for their dental treatment have a DENTAL HOLIDAY.

Their first pick? Manila. They only thought of one dentist in Manila. Me.

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How Does A Dentist in Manila Fit Into The Story?

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Having your teeth done overseas especially from a dentist in Manila will surely have the advantage of low fees, western treatment, free tour, free accommodation and big discounts. Vasile and Maria did not hesitate to get in touch with me through email and a month later they arrived and they were picked up at the airport and was transported straight to my clinic were they finally got to meet a dentist in Manila for the first time and it was a pleasant one; I explained to them the procedure basically the treatment and what to expect and understand the operation. The second day was the treatment day and Vasile had 11 mini implants placed on his lower jaw and a bridge was fabricated and new top full denture was made. Maria has new top denture fabricated and 7 mini implants placed top and bottom and crowns and bridges were also made. They stayed here in Manila for a week and within that week I arranged a city day tour around Manila for them it was a pleasant trip and pain-free dental treatment. The hotel where I booked them has conveniently located just a stone throw away from the best malls in the metro where they did dine and shopped to their hearts’ delight. This is was but a taste of some of the stories a dentist in Manila is able to experience.

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