What Is The Price of a Teeth Whitening?

//What Is The Price of a Teeth Whitening?

What Is The Price of a Teeth Whitening?

The price of a teeth whitening service today depends on the type of whitening procedure you chose. Currently, there are two types of dental whitening service that are on offer. One is obviously better than the other but it does come at a higher rate. With that said, this article will talk about those two different teeth whitening methods you can pay your dentist.

What Is The Price of a Teeth Whitening?

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As mentioned at the beginning, there are two types of dental whitening: teeth bleaching and Zoom whitening.

Teeth bleaching services usually cost Php 8,000 – Php 9,000.

Zoom Whitening service costs Php 16,000.

What if you can’t afford to have your teeth whitened? Well, there are numerous ways of doing this without the help of your dentist. The only drawback to this is the fact that it can be dangerous for your teeth and it will take longer than a week.

Which Whitening Method Is Better?

  • Teeth Bleaching – a teeth bleaching uses a special whitening gel to whiten your teeth. This method takes 2 -3 weeks to complete with the first few days done inside the clinic until it’s moved to your home. It’s not the best but it does deliver results at a slow and steady pace.
  • Zoom Whiteningthis procedure also uses a whitening gel but it comes with lasers to aid the process. As for its length, you’ll be happy to know that the entire process is done in under 2 hours. It’s that quick.

Which One Should You Choose?

If you have the money, then Zoom whitening should be for you. It’s quick, easy, and convenient. However, it is expensive and a lot of people today don’t have the funds to pay for such a cosmetic upgrade. They can try a teeth bleaching service because it still does whitening your teeth albeit at a longer time.


Make sure to talk to your dentist on what the best course of action is. Doing so will give you the insight and information needed to make the right decision. Remember, this is an expensive service so you better make a solid pick or else you’ll regret it. 

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