The Price of A Dental Veneer in Manila?

//The Price of A Dental Veneer in Manila?

The Price of A Dental Veneer in Manila?

The price of a dental veneer in Manila will depend on a few things factors. These factors involve the type of dental veneer you’re getting and where you’re getting them.

Currently, dental veneers have become a popular choice amongst celebrities and individuals looking for a quick dental cosmetic improvement. Whether or not this remains as the reason why you’re getting this product, a dental veneer has a lot of benefits that it offers.

This article will talk about the price of a dental veneer in Manila, its benefits, and more.

What Is The Price of A Dental Veneer in Manila?

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The average price of a dental veneer in Manila start at around Php 12,000.

The price given is for a porcelain veneer. A dental veneer made out of Emax start at Php 15,000.

There are other types of dental veneers available, but porcelain and Emax are the most popular choices today. Of course, each material has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s worth considering your options first.

What Is A Dental Veneer?

A dental veneer is a thin, shell-like material placed in front of a tooth. The veneer acts as both a mask and a shield.

It’s applied the same way as a dental crown, but its wafer-thin body allows it occupies significantly less space than the latter.

As for its function, dental veneers were made to help restore cracked or chipped teeth. However, they’re also a great service for cosmetic improvements thanks to their color, and natural ability to blend in with other teeth.

The Benefits of a Dental Veneer

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  • Improved Color – a dental veneer, regardless of its material, will blend in with other teeth. In addition, the veneer itself comes at a brighter shade than the original tooth.
  • Fixing Crooked Teeth – a dental veneer is capable of correcting mild orthodontic issues. This isn’t to say, however, that you no longer need braces to fix crooked teeth.
  • Better Shapeone of its biggest benefits is its ability to replace the front side of your tooth. This means that any misshapen teeth can be fixed with the use of a veneer.  

Is It Worth It?

Do note that if dental crowns exist, these are the ideal choice if for patients who want to restore damaged teeth. However, in order for a dental crown to be applied, the original tooth must first be filed down to make space.

A dental veneer, on the other hand, only takes as little space as it can. This preserves much of the original tooth. Also, dental crowns don’t provide the same level of cosmetic improvements that a veneer offers.

Finally, a dental crown is cheaper than a veneer. If the price is a deal breaker, then it’s advised that you go for a crown instead. If not, then a dental veneer should be a great option for your teeth.


Make sure to consult your dentist on these matters. Your dentist can grant you the insight and information needed to make the right decision. Always do this when questions that involve your teeth are involved.

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