Getting a Gum Lift From A Manila Dental Clinic? Learn More!

//Getting A Gum Lift From A Manila Dental Clinic? Learn More!

Getting A Gum Lift From A Manila Dental Clinic? Learn More!

A gum lift or gingivectomy is a procedure that can be done in a Manila dental clinic to reshape the gums to provide a more pleasing smile. Gums are reshaped for numerous reasons: some people have gums that have not receded after the permanent tooth erupts, while others have lips that allow a lot of gum to show when a person smile. In some cases, gums can recede over time and expose more of the tooth surface that is desired.

Having a ‘gummy’ smile can cause a person to be very self-conscious about their appearance. Getting a gum lift is the same as getting a facelift if a person is not happy with their wrinkles or saggy eyelids; it is simply a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance and thus, the self-confidence. Gum lifts are normally only done on the front teeth as these are the ones that are most visible when a person smiles. It’s a service available in a high-tier Manila dental clinic but not a lot of patients actually know of its existence.

So What Can a Manila Dental Clinic Do With A Gum Lift?

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So What Can a Manila Dental Clinic Do With A Gum Lift?

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In the past, a gum lift was a painful dental treatment done in Manila dental clinics. It involved cutting the gums, stitches and weeks of recovery. Now, it can be done with the use of lasers where recovery is minimal. Patients usually only require over the counter pain relievers for a day or two following the procedure and can eat and drink normally within a day.

To begin, dentists administer a local anesthesia where they then cut and reshape the gum line to make it more even and visually appealing. The use of lasers automatically seals off blood vessels so there is little or no bleeding. The procedure is quick. The gums can be lowered or raised, depending on the need. Make sure to visit a Manila dental clinic and consult with the dentist for better information.

Gum lifts are especially helpful when a patient is also getting other cosmetic dentistry work done. It is more visually appealing to have even gums when veneers are being applied, for instance. It is important to follow the instructions that a Manila dental clinic gives a patient after the procedure is completed. Not taking care of the area can lead to infection. Follow-up visits the dentist are equally important to keep that beautiful smile, too!

It is important to choose the dentist carefully. They need to have experience with the procedure to do it correctly. There is no substitute for an inexperienced cosmetic dentist when it comes to getting a gum lift. It is very important not to remove too much of the gum, as this can expose areas of the tooth that are supposed to be below the gum line. When done by an experienced professional, a gum lift can make a huge difference in the appearance, giving the patient a truly beautiful and winning smile.

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